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18 June 2015
Volume 16 Issue 6

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New Globe Feature Launching Next Month: Global Partner and Affiliate Corner

Bill Goodfellow and Tim Canfield, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Globe

As editors, we are constantly looking for new content and article series that are of interest to our readers. With next month’s issue, the Globe is launching a new series of articles we hope you find interesting and informative. This series of articles will be titled "Global Partner and Affiliates Corner." The purpose of this continual series is to inform our membership to the variety of research and challenging questions our Global Partners and Affiliates are tackling each and every day. Yes, I bet many of you didn’t know that our Global Partner and Affiliate organizations perform research and address many important environmental issues regularly and contribute to SETAC programming at annual meetings and workshops across the globe.

Our desire is to publish an article in most of the Globe’s monthly issues. We hope that these articles will provide you the opportunity to learn more about our partners and better understand that their contributions are not just financial. In fact it is our opinion that their value to SETAC is far beyond any economic contribution because they provide real life situations for our scientific findings as well as employment opportunities for students, early career professionals and actually all SETAC members. One of the things that we have found in participating in SETAC sponsored mentoring activities is that little in depth understanding exists of the scientific contributions of our partners. If that is true among the students and early career professional, we are sure that is probably the same for all SETAC members.

Articles in this series will focus on the scientific contributions of our partners and affiliates such as important research and findings rather than soft promotional content. Through these articles, we hope that our partners will be able to tell their scientific and environmental management stories to inform our membership, provide recruitment for future employment and graduate educational opportunities and further our understanding of each of our partners. While the series will initially focus on our Global Partners and Affiliates, we will also open up the opportunity to our Sustaining Partners and Affiliates. Collectively our partners are an important cog in our SETAC programming and we want to learn more concerning their scientific contributions. We hope that you will share our interest.

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