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Charlie Menzie
Charlie Menzie Our students are amazing! Over the past few months I've had the opportunity to attend SETAC meetings that have ranged in scale from a local chapter meeting to the SETAC Europe Barcelona meeting. In both cases, I was especially impressed by the energy and quality of work manifested by students.

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18 June 2015
SETAC BarcelonaSETAC Barcelona Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Joke van Wensem
SETAC Europe celebrated its 25th anniversary at the annual meeting in Barcelona from 3-6 May. It was a productive meeting and a wonderful, lively, anniversary party with great Spanish food, drinks and dancing until the wine was gone.

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Gertie ArtsMessage from the SETAC Europe President
Gertie Arts
I am happy to have begun my role as SETAC Europe President on 6 May during the SETAC Barcelona meeting. The SETAC Europe councils have been very active the last few years, and based on the discussions in Barcelona, the current council is energized and ready to continue the high level of activity throughout the coming year. I am looking forward to working with the SETAC Europe council this year and participating in SETAC meetings at the European geographic level and in scientific events and workshops at all levels of SETAC.

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SETAC JournalsMaking Sense of Open Access
Jen Lynch
Open access has long been a growing movement in the scientific community, but between the recent flurry of new funding mandates and the ambiguous terms and options, many researchers are left feeling a bit overwhelmed. This article gives a brief overview of the options, the funders and how SETAC authors can find support navigating all of these changes.

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Global Horizon ScanningSETAC Europe Horizon Scanning Workshop
Joke van Wensem, Paul van den Brink and Violaine Verougstraete
The Global Horizon Scanning Research Prioritization Project aims at collecting and prioritizing the most important future research questions as suggested by scientists from around the globe working in government, academia and business. The first SETAC member workshop was held at the SETAC Europe meeting in Barcelona.

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Buenos AiresGet Ready for SETAC Latin America Buenos Aires
Pedro Carriquiriborde and Gustavo Somoza
SETAC Latin America will hold the 11th Biennial Meeting from 7-10 September 2015, with the theme “The Role of Science in Environmental Decision-Making.” This year’s meeting will be held at the Usina del Arte, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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SETAC AfricaUpcoming SETAC Africa Meeting
Patricia Fai
The highlight SETAC Africa's year is the biennial conference which will be held from 5-8 October 2015 in Langebaan, South Africa. This meeting will also be the site for the Africa GU’s Horizon Scanning Workshop.

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SETAC GlobeNew Globe Feature Launching Next Month: Global Partner and Affiliate Corner
William Goodfellow and Tim Canfield
As editors, we are constantly looking for new content and article series that are of interest to our readers. With next month’s issue, the Globe is launching a new series of articles we hope you find interesting and informative.

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SETAC Salt Lake City
Submit nomination packages for the Rachel Carson Award by 15 July. Nomination instructions can be found here. If you have any questions about this award or process please contact George Cobb.

Register now for the 21st LCA Case Study Symposium in Nisyros, Greece from 12–14 July. The 3 July online registration deadline is approaching quickly!

Students and course organizers are invited to propose courses for the SETAC Europe CRA programme!

The call for session proposals for SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting in Nantes, France is now open. Submit your proposal before 15 August.

The USEPA, Office of Water, Office of Science and Technology is hosting a free, invited expert meeting on revising guidelines for deriving aquatic life criteria. The meeting will take place from 14–16 September in Arlington, VA. Abstracts submission is open until 26 June. Visit the website for more information.
IEAM volume 11, issue 2 What's New in IEAM
Assessing pesticide risks to threatened and endangered species using population models: Findings and recommendations from a CropLife America Science Forum
VE Forbes, R Brain, D Edwards, N Galic, T Hall, J Honegger, C Meyer, DRJ Moore, D Nacci, R Pastorok, TG Preuss, SF Railsback, C Salice, RM Sibly, B Tenhumberg, P Thorbek and M Wang
(Early View)
ET&C cover, Volume 34, Issue 6 What's New in ET&C
Salinity and dissolved organic carbon both affect copper toxicity in mussel larvae: Copper speciation or competition cannot explain everything
David Deruytter, Michiel B Vandegehuchte, Jan Garrevoet, Frederik De Laender, Eva Vergucht, Katrien Delbeke, Ronny Blust, Karel AC De Schamphelaere, Laszlo Vincze and Colin R Janssen
(Vol. 34, Issue 6)
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