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16 July 2015
Volume 16 Issue 7

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Session Summaries from SETAC Barcelona

Bill Goodfellow and Tim Canfield, SETAC Globe Co-Editors-in-Chief

Every year, the SETAC Globe editors offer session chairs the opportunity to provide summaries of their session from SETAC annual meetings.  Normally, we receive approximately 6–8 summaries from session chairs, which will then be published in the next few issues of the Globe.  This year, we tried something different and provided a template for chairs to submit their session summaries. Immediately following the SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting in Barcelona this May, we received four summaries that we were able to accommodate in the May issue, and we knew that we would get several more. Much to our surprise, we received a record number of submissions, and as of today, we have received 24 summary articles.

The Globe has limited space available each month for articles, which is typically 6–8 articles a month. This limitation is to ensure that the Globe makes it to you and doesn’t get caught in your email spam filter. However, if we tried to publish using the normal strategy, it would take about 6 issues with less than half the space for other articles. This created a lot of discussion among the Globe team and re-tooling of our typical publishing strategy. We wanted to make sure that we offered the opportunity for each session to be viewed in the light they deserved, but we also needed to be timely in getting these sessions as well as other SETAC news and information to our readership. Therefore, we have decided to publish a special issue of the Globe later this summer, outside of the regular publication schedule. This will offer the opportunity for all session summaries to be available to our readership in one place, while allowing the space for other news typically published each month in the Globe.  The four session summaries that were published in the June issue will be re-published in this special issue.

Session chairs that haven’t already submitted summary articles and couldn’t make the original deadline, which was only one week after the end of the SETAC Europe meeting, please consider being part of this special issue. We extended the deadline to 31 July for being included in this special issue. 

We also hope that session chairs of future geographic unit meetings will take advantage of this new format, and we'll be able to feature special issues for each meeting in addition to the regular 12 Globe issues. As travel opportunities become more limited for our membership, it is an excellent chance for SETAC members unable to attend a specific meeting to catch up on the sessions at our conferences. We also encourage meeting chairs to take advantage of this excellent opportunity and encourage and promote the submission of session summaries during the meeting planning process.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us. We are continuing to look for new ways to provide meaningful and interesting articles to our readership. If you have any suggestions to make the Globe of greater value to you, please let us know. We would love to hear from you!

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