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19 February 2015
Volume 16 Issue 2

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Ready to go to SETAC Barcelona?

Damià Barceló and Carlos Barata, SETAC Barcelona Meeting Chairs

We are delighted to welcome you to SETAC Barcelona, Spain, the site of the SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting, held in the sunny capital city of Catalonia from 3-7 May 2015. SETAC Europe will celebrate its 25th anniversary of promoting Environmental Quality Through Science® among the art and architecture of this historic city.

Scientific Program
The meeting theme is “Environmental Protection in a Multi-stressed World: Challenges for Science, Industry and Regulators.” This theme was selected because freshwater systems in Europe are threatened by a variety of stressors, including chemical pollution, geomorphological alterations, changes in land uses, climate variability and change, water abstraction, invasive species and pathogens. Stressors are of diverse nature but cause adverse effects on biological communities and ecosystems. Ultimately, these effects threaten the water quality and biological diversity of European water bodies as well as those around the world with important economic consequences. Other topics to be covered at SETAC Barcelona include aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology, ecosystem responses, system biology and ecotoxicogenomics, adverse outcome pathways, endocrine disruption, metal toxicity, fate and behaviour of contaminants, emerging contaminants, nanoparticles, long-term effects of pollution, wildlife ecotoxicology, life cycle assessment, risk assessment, exposure and effect modeling, predictive toxicology, pollution prevention and remediation, the impact of plastics in aquatic ecosystems, antimicrobial resistance in the environment, wastewater treatment and reuse, the use of behavioral responses to endocrine disrupters, the study of the human exposome, and consideration of ecological compensation on pesticide regulation. In total, we have received 2,500 abstracts that will be presented along 71 parallel sessions and seven special sessions. This is a high number of sessions, which shows the active participation of SETAC members in their annual meetings.

More than Science
As tradition goes at SETAC meetings, there will be many social activities and networking opportunities designed to reconnect old friends and introduce new ones. We hope you will join us at the welcome party on Sunday evening celebrating SETAC Europe’s 25th anniversary and all the other social and leisure events throughout the week. Meeting delegates are invited to run along the coast in Tuesday’s fun run, learn something while being thoroughly entertained at Wednesday’s science slam session, dance at the trendy Astoria Club at Tuesday night’s student party, and enjoy the wonderful conference banquet at the spectacular Maritime Museum located at the start of Las Ramblas.

Welcome to Barcelona!

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