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19 February 2015
Volume 16 Issue 2

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Buddies Welcome in Barcelona!

Gerd Maack

After a successful start of the Buddy Programme, with more than 100 participants at the SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting in Basel, Switzerland, we want to repeat the exercise in Barcelona. We hope to top the previous number of participants. Participation in the program is easy. Simply indicate it during registration and answer some questions regarding your CV and affiliation. We will use this information to match you with the best buddy possible.

For young scientists and first-time attendees, the buddy program is a great opportunity to meet active and successful SETAC members. Being paired with a seasoned SETAC member can help you decide which events to attend, how to make contacts in the SETAC community, which committees or advisory groups would be interesting for your personal network, research and career. Most of these gatherings are public events, so it is good to have an insider to guide you through the big world of SETAC. As a participant in the buddy program, you will get contact details of your mentor prior to the meeting. So consider getting in touch before the meeting and make the most out of the program. Note to the SETAC membership, we are especially looking for mentors! Please volunteer to be a mentor for the buddy program.

Why You Should Become a Mentor
On a personal note, I have been a mentor at several annual meetings in North America and in Basel. I can say this is a fruitful experience because you meet with highly motivated and enthusiastic young scientists, and you help them to navigate more effectively through such a big event. By telling them your story and experiences, you create a perfect path to achieve successes within SETAC. Go through the program with your buddy, and point out the various business meetings and social events. Encourage them to attend the ones that could improve their experience, support their research or have career networking potential. By helping young SETAC members grow, you also help make the society grow.

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