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19 February 2015
Volume 16 Issue 2

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Vancouver Professional Training Courses Follow Up and Earth Day Grant Announcement

Jodi Mohs-Davis, 3M Corporation

As you may already know, the professional training courses offered at SETAC Vancouver were a great success!  The North America Education and Short Course Committee reviewed and accepted 14 courses covering a wide variety of topics. Five full-day and nine half-day courses were offered, covering such subjects as ecological risk assessment, practical chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC/MS), and hydraulic fracturing. Thank you again to all of the instructors, who donated so much of their time to create engaging and topical courses. Thank you to the more than 240 registrants who participated! 

Professional Training Course Submissions

The SETAC North America Education and Short Course Committee is currently accepting professional training course proposals for the SETAC North America 36th Annual Meeting, which will be held from 1–5 November in Salt Lake City, UT, USA. Submit a proposals on the SETAC Salt Lake City website by 1 May. The professional training courses are an important and valued part of what SETAC has to offer its members. Because environmental science incorporates dozens of disciplines and areas of expertise, sharing this knowledge in an environment that not only educates but also fosters professional networking, serves to strengthen the SETAC community. Please consider sharing your expertise with your colleagues in a fun, informal and interactive setting by teaching a course at SETAC Salt Lake City. 

Earth Day Grant Applications

In addition to professional training courses, the committee is also responsible for furthering education activities and promoting SETAC involvement in the local communities of our members. To that end, and in alignment with SETAC’s mission, the SETAC North America Education and Short Course Committee has announced that two, $500 grants will be awarded to support Earth Day outreach events or initatives. Applications will be accepted until February 28, which is coming up fast, so don’t delay.

In future developments, the North America Education and Short Course Committee is currently working on an accreditation system for the professional training courses. Development of this system is currently in progress and, as with anything new, it may take some time to put into place. That said, both the committee and the SETAC North America Board of Directors are committed to the implementation of this accreditation system. When in place, it will be a positive and exciting step forward for SETAC.

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