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17 December 2015
Volume 16 Issue 12

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Message from the SETAC Europe President

Gertie Arts, SETAC Europe President

SETAC Europe celebrated a wonderful 25th anniversary in Barcelona, Spain, this past May. With the highest number of participants ever for a SETAC Europe meeting, attendees enjoyed a high quality scientific meeting and helped celebrate the 25th anniversary of SETAC Europe with a great party!

We also held our first European SETAC Pellston Workshop®, focused on simplifying environmental mixtures. In addition to this, SETAC endorsed a workshop organized in Europe, the “2nd Non-Target Terrestrial Plant Workshop” held from 21–22 September. This autumn, the 11th Special Science Symposium took place in Brussels, focusing on “Environmental Change and Mercury Pollution: Environmental Governance, Research and Management of Converging Issues.” Now we are actively preparing new scientific meetings and exploring new opportunities, such as the aquatic plant models workshop for pesticide risk assessment, planned for the first half of 2016.

The Scientific Committee of the SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting in Nantes, France, is actively preparing the next high quality scientific meeting. A record number of 126 session proposals has been received. All abstracts submitted are now in review by the Scientific Committee.

The Certification of Environmental Risk Assessors (CRA) program is successfully evolving with new courses submitted and a growing number of trainee applications. Within the SETAC Europe Council, we are working on a proposal to fine-tune the guidance of the SETAC Europe Committees. For some committees, we intend to expand the membership and invite members from SETAC Europe to join and become active.

As a SETAC Europe president, I am working on two main topics I have prioritized for this year. First, I want to see greater student involvement in the society, for example in SETAC Europe committees as members-at-large. Second, I would like to build bridges between SETAC and other scientific communities. The first connection has been established between aquatic plant-focused ecological societies (International Society of Limnology [SIL] and European Weed Research Society [EWRS]) and members of the SETAC Plants Advisory Group. On the 15 September, a first ecotoxicological session took place in an ecological plants congress in Edinburgh, Scotland. We hope to proceed with further co-operation in this field.

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