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17 December 2015
Volume 16 Issue 12

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SETAC Europe Best Publication Awards

Annegaaike Leopold, Chair, Awards Committee, SETAC Europe

Now is the time to apply for the SETAC Europe Best Publications awards! These awards are presented to early career scientists (within two years of graduation) for the best paper published in 2015 in one of the following three award categories: 

  1. The SETAC Europe/Rifcon Award for the best publication in ecotoxicology, eco-epidemiology and biological or biochemical studies 
  2. The SETAC Europe award for the best publication in risk assessment, modeling and theoretical studies
  3. The SETAC Europe award for the best publication in chemical analysis and environmental modeling

Papers published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (ET&C), Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (IEAM) or any other peer reviewed journal covering these topics are eligible.

Submissions and nominations can be directed to Valerie Verstappen in the SETAC Europe Office with a copy to Annegaaike Leopold, Chair of the SETAC Europe awards committee. The deadline for submissions is 31 December 2015. The awards will be presented during the opening ceremony at the SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting in Nantes, France in May 2016.

The nomination package should include a copy of the paper, the candidate's CV, date of birth, past experience and list of publications, together with a statement signed by his or her supervisor, confirming that the candidate was the leading author for the submitted article and that he or she carried out the main parts of the reported research as part of an undergraduate, Masters or PhD thesis.  The award recipient should be based in a geographical area administered by SETAC Europe (i.e., Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa) and the paper must have been published in English (or translated to English).

Please remember that 31 December is also the deadline for the SETAC Europe/NOACK-Laboratories Environmental Education award, which honors activities that further the dissemination of knowledge in environmental sciences.

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