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SETAC Barcelona Boasts Excellent Keynote Speaker Lineup
Carlos Barata
SETAC Barcelona The SETAC Barcleona organizing committee is pleased to announce that three renowned professionals will be delivering their keynote addresses as part of the SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting. The keynotes speakers include Peter Calow of the University of Nebraska, John Colbourne of the University of Birmingham and Mira Petrovic of ICRA, Catalan Institute for Water Research.

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16 April 2015
Pellston WorkshopOutcomes of the SETAC Pellston Workshop on Simplifying Environmental Mixtures
Roel Evens
Approximately 40 scientists met for a week in Valencia, Spain, to discuss the development of a simplified approach for assessing potential risks of chemical mixtures in freshwaters during the first SETAC Pellston workshop held in Europe. Want to get a taste of the workshop’s outcomes and exchange ideas with the committee? Then join us in Barcelona.

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i5k InitiativeJoin the i5K Initiative to Sequence Anthropod Genomes
Dave Spurgeon and Helen Poynton
SETAC members are invited to participate in a survey to nominate ecotoxciologically relevant arthropod species for genome sequencing. Many of you are probably aware of the i5k initiative to sequence 5,000 arthropod genomes over the next five years. The SETAC advisory group EVOGENERATE approached the i5k consortium to see if they would be interested in considering an “ecotox” list that was compiled by the diverse membership of SETAC.

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Global Horizon ScanningGlobal Horizon Scanning Project: SETAC Needs Your Help
Bryan Brooks, Gary Ankley, Alistair Boxall and Murray Rudd
The Global Horizon Scanning Research Prioritization Project aims to collect and prioritize the most important future research questions as recognized by scientists from around the globe working in government, academia and business. However, SETAC cannot accomplish this effort without input from its members and therefore needs you.

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SETAC VancouverHighlights from SETAC Vancouver—A SETAC North America Science Committee’s Perspective
Markus Hecker, Cameron Irvine, Ryan Prosser and Sue Robinson
Scientific highlights on talks from wicked problem debates on energy and food to wildlife and environmental human toxicology, to comments on social activities and “What does SETAC mean to you,” hear perspectives from the SETAC North America Science Committee on the SETAC Vancouver meeting.

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SETAC AwardsI Know I Can Be a Lot Braver About Exploring Our World
Diane Nacci and Jennifer Gundersen
It’s your turn to help us identify and honor those who deserve special recognition for their outstanding contributions to the environmental sciences and to the Society. You can apply or nominate a worthy colleague, group, organization or business to be honored for their work and dedication. Please act quickly, because award applications are due 30 April!

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Laurentian SETAC RCLaurentian Chapter 20th Anniversary and Annual General Meeting Update
Ryan Prosser
The SETAC North America Laurentian Chapter is holding their 20th annual general meeting (AGM) on Friday, 19 June, at the University of Ottawa in the Canadian capital. The theme of the meeting is “Laurentian SETAC 20 Years in the Making: Reflecting on Our Past and Working Towards a Greener Future.”

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In MemoriamIn Memoriam: Robert Engler and Donald Curtis Hutchinson
Mark Jaber
SETAC recently lost two individuals who were important to the development and growth of our society.

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SETAC Salt Lake City
Would you still like to submit a late poster abstract for SETAC Barcelona? There’s one week left to submit your abstract, the deadline is 22 April at 23:59 CET.

Abstracts are now accepted for the SETAC North America 36th Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, taking place from 1–5 November 2015. Submit your abstract today.

Wondering how to get more involved in SETAC? The SETAC Global Science Committee is looking for new members.

Looking to attend a SETAC Europe Summer School course? Check out the updated program with newly listed courses.

The kickoff meeting for the newly formed Global Chemistry Advisory Group will be held at SETAC Barcelona at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, 5 May, in room M215/216. If you cannot attend the meeting, contact SETAC Science Manager Bruce Vigon for a web conferencing information.
IEAM volume 11, issue 2 What's New in IEAM
Evaluating cost when selecting performance reference compounds for the environmental deployment of polyethylene passive samplers
Monique M Perron, Robert M Burgess, Mark G Cantwell and Loretta A Fernandez
(Vol. 11, Issue 2)
ET&C cover, Volume 34, Issue 5 What's New in ET&C
Relative sensitivity of an amphipod Hyalella azteca, a midge Chironomus dilutus, and an unionid mussel Lampsilis siliquoidea to a toxic sediment
Chris G Ingersoll, James L Kunz, Jamie P Hughes, Ning Wang, D Scott Ireland, David R Mount, J Russell Hockett and Theodore W Valenti Jr
(Early View)
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