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11 September 2014
Volume 15 Issue 9

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Update on SESSS10: Bioavailability of Organic Chemicals

Jose.-J. Ortega-Calvo, Spanish National Research Council, Joop Harmsen, Alterra Wageningen UR, and John Parsons, University of Amsterdam

The organization of the SETAC Europe 10th Special Science Symposium (SESSS10) focused on bioavailability is under way. SESS10 will take place from 14–15 October 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. The program is highly interactive and has been designed to provide solutions to the challenges faced by end-users in handling bioavailability concepts during risk assessment and regulation of organic chemicals.

Participants will have the chance to engage through a pre-symposium questionnaire. They will also have plenty of opportunities for interaction when joining the discussion groups and poster sessions. The two-day program will hold daily strategic talks and group discussions directed by experts representing relevant public and private sectors such as ECHA, European Commission, ECETOC, Syngenta and Shell. The first day will focus attention on the needs and questions from regulators and industry with the aim of providing a practical framework and the second day's focus will be on the tools needed for a realistic risk assessment. Arguments for this order are that we need tools for real practice, and these tools have to be accepted by regulation.  

The list of topics to be discussed will provide the participants, in a balanced way, with different perspectives and information on bioavailability. Whether their focus is on soils, sediments or waters; on retrospective (e.g., remediation) or prospective (e.g., REACH) approaches; on methodological or communication issues, we expect that the distribution of participants in these groups will lead to successful and active discussion units, where everyone finds the right space for productive interactions. The objective of the wrap-up sessions is to distill these interactions into clear messages for the whole symposium audience.

If you are a regulator or work in business and are aware that bioavailability is important for proper risk assessment, you should attend this symposium. As an academic, you should also be interested in knowing the applied sides of your present or future work on bioavailability. We hope to see you this fall in Brussels!

Important Deadlines

Poster abstracts submission deadline: 15 September 2014
Early registration deadline: 23 September 2014
Symposium dates: 14–15 October 2014

Please note the new registration fees set for this SESSS10.

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