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9 October 2014
Volume 15 Issue 10

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A Message from the SETAC North America Student Advisory Council

Sarah Bowman, NASAC Chair, The Ohio State University and Austin Gray, NASAC Vice Chair, Citadel College

The SETAC North America Student Advisory Council (NASAC) was created to provide a voice for SETAC student members and to represent student interests within SETAC North America. The council is made up of student members that represent the various regional chapters or SETAC North America as a whole. The council provides advice and recommendations as well as new initiatives related to student activities by liaising and working together with the SETAC North America Board of Directors, Student Activities Committee (SAC), and the Annual Meeting Programming Committee (PC).


Over the past few months, NASAC has been working closely with these committees to plan the student events for the 35th North America Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada.  We are excited to announce some changes and new events to the student program for 2014!

This year, the student-mentor luncheon will be held on Monday, 10 November. The student-mentor lunch (replacing the student-mentor dinner) is a formal networking event where students get an opportunity to network with professionals from academia, industry and government. This year there will be informal mingling for half an hour, followed by lunch. Students are randomly assigned to tables at the door. Student tickets to this event are $5 and should be purchased during registration. If you are interested in becoming a mentor for this event, please contact Sue Beach, chair of the Student Activities Committee.

On Wednesday, 12 November, NASAC will be hosting a noon-time seminar titled Career Talks. Come to this noon-time seminar to hear about the early stages of careers in academia, government and industry. Our panel speakers are: Roxolana Kashuba (industry, Exponent), Tisha King-Heiden (academia, University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse) and Collin Eagles-Smith (government, USGS). While there is no cost to attend this panel, please ensure that you sign up for your ticket early.

The first SETAC North America Student Party will take place on Wednesday, 12 November, beginning at 9pm at the Portside Pub in historic Gastown near the convention centre. This social event is based on the SETAC Europe model and was designed for students by the Vancouver Programming Committee and NASAC to foster further student interaction and networking. The event will feature an award-winning DJ who will be sure to get people dancing. Tickets for the student party ($20 early bird rate) will be available during registration and include two drink tickets. At this time, ticket sales are only open to students; however, any remaining tickets will be sold at the registration desk and will be open to all attendees.

The annual Student Assembly (open to all students) will take place on Wednesday from 1:00–2:00 p.m. The purpose of the Student Assembly is to provide an overview of NASAC activities over the past year, present opportunities for students to get involved in SETAC, and talk about what lies ahead for the students of SETAC. It is highly encouraged that students of SETAC attend the Student Assembly and share your ideas for future student initiatives.

Finally, do not forget to stop by the Student Corner in the exhibit hall to meet NASAC members and fellow students. This year at the Student Corner, you can find information about NASAC and student volunteer opportunities. The Student Corner will also provide a place for students to meet and mingle during the poster socials and coffee breaks. The Student Corner will be open during normal exhibition hall hours for student use throughout the conference.

We hope that you will take advantage of all the student events that SETAC has to offer in Vancouver! If you have any questions or ideas for future events, please contact NASAC Chair Sarah Bowman or Vice Chair Austin Gray. We are looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver.

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