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6 November 2014
Volume 15 Issue 11

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Twenty Five Birthday Candles for SETAC Europe: Join the Party!

Joke van Wensem, Chair, SETAC Europe 25th Anniversary Committee

Next year SETAC Europe celebrates its 25th anniversary. SETAC Europe was formally established in 1989, and its first meeting took place in 1991. It was then that the first seeds of global expansion were sown. Later, SETAC Latin America, SETAC Asia/Pacific and SETAC Africa would take root, with a geographically diverse SETAC World Council overseeing the organization’s development.

Since 1990 much has happened. The membership in Europe has grown 0to the some 1,600 currently active members, and the SETAC Europe annual meetings have become influential events in Europe, consistently attracting almost 2,500 participants. Many more initiatives have been taken up in Europe, and the SETAC community plays a significant role in society by providing the scientific backbone for European policy in relation to toxicology and chemistry.

I am proud to be a member of this organization and look forward to the next chapter!

SETAC Europe’s 25th anniversary will be celebrated at the 25th annual meeting in Barcelona, Spain, to be held from 3–7 May 2015. Anniversaries are best celebrated with the participation of family and friends, and we invite you all, the SETAC membership, to join us. The meeting with a special welcome and anniversary reception. You don’t want to miss that!

To highlight the milestones in SETAC Europe's history, a photo wall will be displayed at the meeting in Barcelona, and we are looking for your help. We are asking members to share photos of their SETAC Europe activities. We are especially interested in photos made at meetings (annual meetings, special topic meeting, workshops, committee meetings, council meetings, etc.) prior to 2004. Please send digital copies to We are also looking for progam and abstract books for the years 1992 and 1993. These are missing in our archives, and we would love to give a comprehensive overview of the annual meetings since 1990.

It promises to become an unforgettable 25th birthday party in Barcelona!

Who is in the SETAC Europe 25th anniversary committee?
Joke van Wensem, Monica Amorim, Carlos Barata, Bart Bosveld, Mirco Bundschuh, Fred Heimbach, Barbara Koelman, Laurent Lagadic and Valerie Verstappen

Questions or suggestions?
Please contact Valerie Verstappen at the SETAC office or any of the other committee members.

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