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Update on SETAC's Global Mercury Partnership
Working Group
Michael S. Bank, Davide Vignati and Bruce W. Vigon
lightbulbSETAC's decisions in January 2011 to join the United Nations Environment Programme Global Mercury Partnership and, more recently, to seek observer status in the negotiations on a global mercury convention have opened exciting new collaborative opportunities for our members. Since its official inception, the partnership has identified nine priority areas in which SETAC is particularly looking to promote scientific advances.

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8 May 2014
Endocrine disruptionSETAC Focused Topic Meeting on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Overview and Outcomes
Gerald Ankley, Peter Matthiessen, Mary Ann Ottinger and Glen Van Der Kraak
The SETAC North America Focused Topic Meeting on Endocrine Disruption held in February 2014 offered a North American perspective on EDC issues, which differs somewhat from other parts of the world. More than 200 participants from 10 different countries representing four of the five SETAC geographic units attended the meeting at the US Environmental Protection Agency conference facility in Research Triangle Park, NC.

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Chesapeake Bay Carbon OffsetChesapeake Bay Shoreline Restoration and Carbon Offset: A Pilot Living Shoreline Utilizing Bay-Saver Bags
Rejina Sharma and Lawrence Malizzi
The Chesapeake Bay Shoreline Restoration and Pilot Carbon Offset project was selected by the SETAC North America Board of Directors to offset a portion of the carbon footprint created by the SETAC Nashville meeting. The project involves stabilization and restoration of approximately 160 linear feet of un-vegetated and severely eroding section of shoreline at the CBEC by utilizing an innovative restorative technology, called Bay-Saver Bag.

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SETAC AwardsSETAC Europe Award Winners
SETAC Europe Council Awards Committee
Every year SETAC Europe organizes the Best Publication Award in the categories of risk assessment, chemical analysis and ecotoxicology. The awards are given to a student or early career scientist. The awards committee is very pleased to announce the winners of the Best Publication Award.

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Earth Day Laurentian Chapter Update
Ryan Prosser, Chapter President
The SETAC North America Laurentian Regional Chapter is holding its annual general meeting on 13 June at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. The theme of the meeting is "Emerging Topics in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry: Separating Fact from Fiction." The meeting includes a short course and hree exemplary plenary speakers.

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SETAC Journals SETAC Journals
What's New in ET&C
Mitigating pesticide pollution in China requires law enforcement, farmer training, and technological innovation
Huizhen Li, Eddy Y. Zeng and Jing You

(Vol. 33, Issue 5)

What's New in IEAM

Parsing pyrogenic PAHs: Forensic chemistry, receptor models, and source control policy

Kirk T. O'Reilly, Jaana Pietari and Paul D. Boehm
(Vol. 10, Issue 2)
Vote today in the 4th SETAC Global Environmental Photography Contest! The contest continues this year, with winners announced at the SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting in Basel, Switzerland.

USEPA invites nominations of scientific experts from a diverse range of disciplines to be considered for appointment to the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, the Science Advisory Board (SAB) and four SAB committees, including Chemical Assessment and Ecological Processes and Effects. Deadline for Nominations is 19 May.

Abstract submission is now open for the SETAC North America 35th Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC.

The list of this year's SETAC Europe Summer Schools is available! Summer schools are training opportunitiesto for scientists and students featuring the best up-to-date knowledge. Check it online at

SETAC is seeking members with interests in radiation, who have worked or are working on any aspect of the science, environmental management, or policy regarding ionizing radiation (exposure, biological effects, safety, nuclide ore mining, processing). Please contact Larry Kapustka.

The Ecological Risk Assessment Advisory Group meeting in Basel will be held from 5–6 p.m.on Wednesday, 14 May in the Samarkand/Osaka rooms. You do not have to be a current member of the advisory group to attend. For agenda item suggestions, contact
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