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13 March 2014
Volume 15 Issue 3

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Buddy System: Matching Experienced SETAC Members with First-Time Meeting Attendees in Basel

SETAC Europe Membership and Public Relations Committee

Based on the overwhelmingly positive experience of recent SETAC North America events, SETAC Europe is introducing the Buddy System at the upcoming annual meeting in Basel, Switzerland. If you plan to attend the meeting in Basel, please consider being a buddy. You will only need to invest a small part of your time to make a big difference in welcoming another SETAC member and encouraging his or her involvement in our society. The time commitment can be as little as a couple of hours, with the option to stay in contact even after the meeting as a long-term mentor. The intent is to help first time delegates enhance their meeting experience and learn more about the opportunities that the society has to offer.

Buddies will be matched according to similar interests, geographical distance and other preferences. Mentor and first-time attendee buddies will initially connect at the end of April for an opportunity to chat before meeting in person in Basel.

The Buddy System is free, and all you need to do is indicate your wish to be a buddy or to have a buddy during the registration process. We look forward to input from mid-career, senior, emeritus, retired or other long-term SETAC members to support the Buddy System.

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