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19 June 2014
Volume 15 Issue 6

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SETAC Announces Charles Menzie as New Global Executive Director

Bill Goodfellow, SWC Immediate Past President

Charlie Menzie signing
SETAC World Council Executive Team: Peter Campbell SWC President (lower left), Charles Menzie SWC Global ED (lower right), Bill Goodfellow SWC Immediate Past President (upper left), Barnett Rattner SWC Vice President (upper right), and David Phillips SWC Treasurer (not in photo).

In early 2013, Mike Mozur, the past SETAC Global Executive Director (ED), left SETAC to pursue other opportunities. Mike served our society well, and we are very appreciative of his nearly seven years of service as Global ED. Instead of rushing to fill the position, the SETAC World Council (SWC) used the opportunity to evaluate SETAC’s direction to determine the skill sets and experience required to navigate the ever-changing world of professional societies and to address SETAC member needs. At last year’s SWC long-range planning meeting in Glasgow, the entire time was used to assess this position and build a job description framework. Following the assessment, the Global ED search and evaluation committee developed a detailed announcement to recruit the next Global ED. Our search process was far-reaching, both inside and outside of SETAC, and numerous individuals expressed interest with more than 12 full application packets received from highly qualified professionals. The hard-working committee met regularly throughout the latter part of 2013 and early 2014 to evaluate each candidate’s resumé and, through a phased interview process, consider his or her fit with SETAC. SETAC President Peter Campbell notes, “It is a testament to SETAC’s standing in the scientific community and as a professional society that we had a very strong pool of highly qualified and interested candidates from which to make our selection.”

The SWC is pleased to announce that Charles Menzie has been selected as SETAC’s Global Executive Director.  Charlie is a long-standing SETAC member who has been involved in all aspects of SETAC’s scientific programming and served on advisory committees, standing committees and governance (North America Board of Directors and SWC). The SWC felt that his knowledge of the society combined with strong management skills in running many differently sized organizations, his international experience and diverse scientific expertise were a perfect fit to help drive society goals. During his years of service to SETAC, Charlie has demonstrated creativity and innovation, strong communication skills and willingness to work very hard for the membership.  In the recent press release announcing Charlie as the next Global ED, SETAC President Peter Campbell stated, “Charlie understands the complex scientific issues our members in academia, business and regulatory organizations are trying to resolve.”

I hope you have the chance to interact with Charlie in his new role. He is very excited to start work with our Geographic Unit (GU) Executive Directors, Bart Bosveld and Greg Schiefer, as well as the entire dedicated and hard-working staff in the Pensacola and Brussels offices. I would also like to thank the Global ED Search and Evaluation Committee for their efforts. This committee was able to be highly effective through many hours of conference calls and meetings, despite the challenge of numerous time zones.

The committee was represented by the following individuals along with their GU affiliation:

  • Peter Campbell, SWC President, SETAC Europe
  • Barnett Rattner, SWC Vice President, SETAC North America
  • Bill Goodfellow, SWC Immediate Past President, SETAC North America
  • David Phillips, SWC Treasurer, SETAC Europe
  • Lorraine Maltby, SWC Past President, SETAC Europe
  • Mike McLaughlin, SWC Past President, SETAC Asia/Pacific
  • Tim Canfield, SWC Past President, SETAC North America
  • Gustavo Somoza, SWC Member and Immediate Past President of SETAC Latin America
  • Patricia Bi Asanga Fai, SWC Member and President of SETAC Africa
  • Mary Reiley, SWC Member and Vice President of SETAC North America
  • Bart Bosveld, Executive Director of SETAC Europe
  • Greg Schiefer, Executive Director of SETAC North America

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