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17 July 2014
Volume 15 Issue 7

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SETAC Establishes Russian Language Branch

Vera Terekhova, Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Ecology and Evolution

During a recent international conference on “Bioindication in the Ecological Assessment of Soils and Related Habitats,” the large Russian language environmental scientific community stated the intent to integrate with SETAC through the creation of a regional SETAC Russian Language Branch (RLB). The conference, which took place in February 2013 at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, brought together active members of SETAC from a number of European countries and the United States.

SETAC RLB will serve as an information exchange platform for Russian- and English-speaking environmental scientists. It will allow members and scientists from associated disciplines to join forces to develop and implement well-grounded principles for the rational use of natural resources through the vast territory of Russia and adjacent states.

The main goal of SETAC RLB is to develop scientific research that will prevent and minimize environmental pollution and other causes of ecological damage. It will serve as a  multidisciplinary forum for students and professionals from business, academia and government to discuss and apply scientific knowledge to environmental policy issues. SETAC RLB can also help harmonize intrastate and interstate environmental regulatory requirements.

SETAC RLB plans to hold seminars, training courses and scientific conferences on a regular basis. The scope of these events will include environmental risk estimation, biotesting and remediation technologies, chemical analytical methods, and modern approaches for protecting, enhancing and managing sustainable environmental quality and ecosystem integrity.

To summarize, SETAC RLB will facilitate the exchange between Russian-speaking environmental scientists and their colleagues around the globe through regular meetings of specialists and and scientific collaborations on international projects.

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