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16 January 2014
Volume 15 Issue 1

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Call for Special Symposium Proposals to Coordinate Science Themes at the Vancouver Meeting

Michelle Embry, Becky Braeutigam and Ron McCormick, SETAC North America Science Committee

The SETAC North America Science Committee (SNA SC) is developing a process in coordination with the Vancouver Program Committee (PC) with the goal of further promoting in-depth and multidimensional exploration and discussion of selected topics through more coordinated and integrated offerings at the SETAC North America annual meetings. The intent of this pilot program is twofold:

  1. Provide greater connection between topics and materials presented at professional training courses, plenary sessions, platforms and special symposia
  2. Promote participation by speakers from diverse disciplines that might not normally attend SETAC meetings but can provide high value to attendees in multiple meeting venues

As part of the process, the SNA SC is requesting special symposium proposals for the SETAC North America 35th Annual Meeting in Vancouver. These special symposia should be designed to be cross-disciplinary and to fit the meeting theme “Interconnecting Ecosystems.”  We welcome proposals from anyone. SETAC advisory groups in particular might find this new format well-suited to their interests. We specifically are looking for proposals that bridge advisory groups, represent emerging science and decision-making, or provide diverse perspectives and “big-picture” concepts.

Ideally, the themes identified in these special symposium proposals could be carried through multiple platforms or roles at the meeting including professional training courses, debates, workshops and possibly be presented by plenary speakers. SETAC has dedicated limited funding to help bring in high-profile speakers who perform multiple roles such as keynote or plenary speaker, mentor, debate session participant or professional training course leader.

Special symposia that provide this connection among meeting events will be promoted by the SNA SC and Vancouver PC under this pilot program. The SNA SC and Vancouver PC will also work together to evaluate submissions requesting speaker funding. Visit to submit a special symposium proposal by the 12 February deadline. Additional deadlines for proposing professional training may also apply. In addition, we ask that you complete this additional form to provide specific information on the topic, theme and proposed speaker.

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