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16 January 2014
Volume 15 Issue 1

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The Importance of Scientific Peer Review at SETAC

Jenny C. Shaw, IEAM Managing Editor

The January 2014 issues of SETAC journals IEAM and ET&C feature an editorial penned by editors-in-chief Rick Wenning (IEAM) and Allen Burton (ET&C), ET&C founding editor Herb Ward, and SETAC publications manager Jen Lynch. The piece apprises readers of the now infamous publishing hoax by John Bohannon, a journalist for Science. Bohannon fabricated a research paper with fake authors, replete with errors, to investigate the advent of “deceptive open access journals.” The paper was accepted by more than one hundred open access journals, and the stunt created an uproar among the peer review community—fodder for the ongoing open access discussion.

What is a predatory open access journal, and what do the SETAC editors have to say about the fallout over Bohannon’s sham? Find out by reading the full editorial here.

Wenning RW, Burton GA, Ward CH, Lynch J. 2013. The Importance of Scientific Peer Review at SETAC. Integ Environ Assess Manag 10: 1-2.

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