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13 February 2014
Volume 15 Issue 2

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A Fond Farewell to Mimi Meredith

Jen Lynch, SETAC Publications Manager, Bill Goodfellow, SETAC Past President and Rod Parrish, SETAC Executive Director Emeritus

It is with huge fondness (and slight trepidation on the side of SETAC staff left behind), we wish Mimi Meredith a happy retirement. Mimi has been an invaluable asset to SETAC over the years. Her tenure (and keen memory) made her an indispensible font of SETAC history. She became a trusted editor through her sharp attention to detail and a passion for publishing only the highest quality books. She helped launch IEAM, guided ET&C to a new editorial office, and migrated both journals to a new publisher seamlessly. Anyone who has had the good fortune to work with her can attest that she is not only competent but a great deal of fun, too!

Rod Parrish, Executive Director Emeritus writes, “One of the happiest days of my professional life was when Mimi agreed to become a full-time SETAC employee, after having helped the Society’s publishing efforts, especially the SETAC Foundation for Environmental Education’s ground-breaking publications in life-cycle assessment, as a consultant.” (Interesting fun fact, Mimi is probably cringing over the hyphen that lives between “life” and “cycle” in that prior sentence. But it’s a quote from Rod, and he would cringe if we took it out.)

Publications manager is just one of the many hats that Mimi wore over the ensuing years; copyeditor, proofreader, editor, cat herder, secretary, budgeting guru, interior designer, interim co-executive director, cashier, referee, boss, chauffeur, travel agent, and her favorite, keeper of the conference slides, were among her list of duties.

Yet throughout it all, Parrish notes, “She loved her work, and she ‘played well with others,’ never whining or shirking. She was always a smiling, positive, articulate influence on Pensacola staff, book editors, authors, and workshop organizers and participants.” 

Past President Bill Goodfellow agrees, “Mimi does everything with grace and professionalism, no matter how challenging or stressful the situation.” A meeting with publisher Wiley-Blackwell was fraught with significant sequestration-related travel delays for Mimi, the person with publishing knowledge and experience. “After considerable time of small talk with Wiley executives, Mimi arrived. Even before she could take off her coat, Mimi was in full meeting presentation mode, doing a wonderful job communicating SETAC’s needs and desires for the next publishing contract.”

Her charm, grace and professionalism served SETAC well, and I know that it will serve her well in the next chapter of her life. Thank you Mimi for everything!

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