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Tradition with a Twist?
Mary Reiley
Mary ReileyI don’t take tradition lightly. Our traditions are years in the making and stem from our common history. Whether they are family traditions, national traditions or SETAC traditions, they are an outward expression of our ideals, a celebration of our success and provide continuity to our businesses and our lives. Messing with tradition outright does not go over well with most folks. The traditions we started in 1979 reflected the times and a young society. Still, they ground us to our core principles: multidisciplinary approaches, balanced representation and objective science brought together to solve environmental problems.

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18 December 2014
Russian Language BranchSETAC Russian Language Branch Meeting and the International Bioassay School in Moscow
Dragan Jevtić, Vera Terekhova and Kamila Kydralieva
The first meeting of the newly established SETAC Russian Language Branch (SETAC RLB) was held from 21–22 November at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) in Moscow, Russia. It was co-orgainzed with the Laboratory of Soil Ecotoxicological Analysis (LETAP) and the Faculty of Soil Science of the Moscow State University. Set up as an international school aimed at young scientists, the meeting theme was “Biotesting Technologies in the Ecological Risk Assessment of Agrocenosis and Humic Substances.”

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ET&CRecord-Breaking ET&C Articles
Allen Burton
Last year, the SETAC Publications Advisory Committee, led by Gary Ankley and Joe Gorsch, analyzed the citations of all papers published in the last 30 years of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry. Taken as a whole, the top-cited publications are an example of the high-quality research published in the journal on wide-ranging issues and contaminants.

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Young Scientist Award SETAC Europe LCA Young Scientist Award 2014 Goes to Anne-Marie Boulay
Tomas Rydberg
Anne-Marie Boulay is the winner of the 2014 SETAC Europe LCA Young Scientist Award. The SETAC Europe LCA Steering Committee recognizes Boulay for her groundbreaking work on water impact assessment modeling and her international contributions to help turn these methodologies into practice.

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Brazilian Congress of EcotoxicologyReport on a Special Session at the XIII Brazilian Congress of Ecotoxicology
Cintia Niva, Maria Edna Tenorio Nunes, Vanessa B. de Menezes Oliveira and Jörg Römbke
The XIII Brazilian Congress of Ecotoxicology (ECOTOX 2014) was held at the SESC Center of Guarapari, Espirito Santo, from 23–26 September 2014. This was a very successful conference with about 750 participants. In the last four years, the number of posters and talks on terrestrial ecotoxicology has grown.

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Emergin Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances Emerging Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances
Jonathan Benskin, Rob Letcher and Amila De Silva
Perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) are globally disseminated contaminants of environmental concern due to their persistence, chain-length dependent bioaccumulation potential, and adverse health effects in exposed lab animals.

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Summer school Interested in Organizing a SETAC Summer School in 2015?
Summer schools offer scientists and students training through the best, up-to-date knowledge in the areas of environmental quality, environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, risk assessment, handling, monitoring and remediation of pollution, life cycle assessment and life cycle management, emerging pollutants, nanomaterials, and data processing and managing in environmental toxicology and chemistry.

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Taylor and Francis
Submit now your abstract for the 4thYoung Environmental Scientists (YES) Meeting! The deadline is 19 December 12:00 CET. Registration and full board accommodation are free for all SETAC student members.

Session recordings from the SETAC North America 35th Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, are now available, free of charge.

The deadline to submit summer school proposals is 31 December. SETAC Europe summer schools offer scientists and students training through the best up-to-date knowledge in several areas. The organizers will benefit from publicity and recognition by SETAC.

Apply for a SETAC Europe Award by 31 December! Members can apply for the Environmental Education Award or one of the three Best Publication Awards. Candidates may be self-nominated or nominated by an individual or group. All award recipients will be announced at the SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting in Barcelona.

IEAM volume 10, issue 4 What's New in IEAM
The role of persistence in chemical evaluations

Donald Mackay, Dianne M. Hughes, M. Luisa Romano and Mark Bonnell
(Vol. 10, Issue 4)
ET&C cover, Volume 33, Issue 12ET&C Has Expanded It's Focus
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