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14 August 2014
Volume 15 Issue 8

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SETAC an Organizational Partner for the World Congress on Risk 2015

Charlie Menzie, SETAC Global Executive Director

SETAC is proud to announce that it will be an organizational partner for the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) fourth World Congress on Risk, which will be held from 19–23 July 2015 in Singapore. The world congress will addresses the theme "Risk Analysis for Sustainable Innovation" with a focus on risks of importance to global development and specific attention to the experiences of developing countries in areas such as:

  • Nanomaterials and emerging technologies
  • Infrastructure and engineering systems
  • Microbial risks and infectious diseases
  • Economics and financial risks
  • Climate change and extreme events
  • Infrastructure and transportation
  • Energy and sustainable development
  • Geopolitical risks
  • Ethnic and socio-economic risks
  • Environmental impacts and health
  • Water security
  • Cybersecurity and privacy
  • Risk and development
  • Risk and urban planning
  • Natural resource management

The conference will address risk management from the global to the community scale and will engage risk analysts in the fields of health, environment, agriculture, engineering, economics, decision-making, psychology, social and political sciences, communication, law and policy, and other disciplines. The specific objectives of the World Congress on Risk are:

  • Stimulate dialogue, learning and progress on risk issues of worldwide interest
  • Share insights about analytic methods and decision processes used in different regions of the world and on different risk issues
  • Demonstrate and disseminate recent advances in risk assessment, management and communication
  • Build bridges between organizations and individuals across the world to spread good risk management practices

The call for symposium proposals is now open, and you may submit your ideas (for 4–5 speakers) to the World Congress Organizing Committee at

Important Deadlines

  • 15 September 2014: Deadline for symposium submissions
  • October 2014: First call for regular abstracts
  • 15 November 2014: Deadline for regular abstract submission
  • 1 March 2015: Deadline for "hot issues" abstract submission
  • 1 May 2015: Early registration closes

For questions pertaining to symposium proposals, please contact the SRA Secretariat at

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