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10 April 2014
Volume 15 Issue 4

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4th Young Environmental Scientist Meeting—More than a Conference

Dragan M. Jevtić, Jagiellonian University, Erica K. Brockmeier, University of Florida, Elke Zimmer, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre

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The SETAC Europe Student Advisory Council (SAC Europe) is a group of 10 students in charge of initiating and coordinating student activities within SETAC Europe. Apart from student activities taking place during SETAC Europe annual meetings, we have been organizing unique for‑students-by-students biennial conferences known as Young Environmental Scientist (YES) Meetings. YES meetings are now being organized together with representatives from other geographic units of SETAC and have grown to be a truly global student event.

Following a very successful YES Meeting in 2013, we are happy to announce that the 4th YES Meeting will take place from 14–19 March 2015 at the Petnica Science Center in Serbia.

Petnica Science Center is the largest and oldest independent non-profit organization for extracurricular science education in Southeast Europe. Since 1982, Petnica has organized more than 2,500 programs including seminars, workshops, research camps and summer schools for nearly 50,000 students in 15 disciplines of science, technology and humanities. Following a recent reconstruction of the Petnica Science Center campus, we are ready to put it to a good use – by utilizing both the conference space and the laboratory facilities. Due to the specific nature of this spectacular venue and all of the various accompanying activities, the motto of the 4th Meeting is “More than a Conference!”

YES 2015 is truly aimed to be more than a conference. Apart from standard platform and poster sessions, we will follow the tradition of previous YES meetings and give all the participants an opportunity to take part in a soft-skills workshop, career talks and a job corner. We are also making significant changes and introducing new activities – all participating students will be able to take part in full-day laboratory and professional development courses. This is all free of charge for accepted abstracts!

Due to the previously mentioned changes, the meeting will last for five days. No registration fees will be charged, and free accommodation will be provided at the campus hotel. Finally, all participants will be eligible to apply for a travel grant.

More information will follow soon, stay updated by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. We hope to see you in Petnica!

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