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10 April 2014
Volume 15 Issue 4

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SETAC on Earth Day 2014

Jodi Mohs-Davis, 3M Environmental Lab, Christine Morrisey, University of Saskatchewan

The 44th Earth Day, 22 April 2014, and World Environment Day, 5 June, are coming up soon!  Earth Day and World Environment Day are celebrated in 190 countries worldwide, increasing awareness of important environmental quality issues including sustainable development, water resources, energy, recycling and waste reduction, green economy, conservation and biodiversity, and environmental education. Many of these issues are within SETAC’s mission and therefore, our presence during Earth Day and World Environment Day 2014 was set as a Society goal. While many individual members of SETAC regularly participate in annual Earth Day and World Environment Day activities and celebrations, SETAC as an organization can bring sound science to the dialogue.

We’d like to share what we’ve learned so far about what SETAC members have planned for Earth Day and World Environment Day. In addition, take a look at the SETAC Earth Day group page with links to posters and an activity guide that you might find useful for your Earth Day and World Environment Day activities.

One celebration is the Kinnickinnic River Land Trust (KRLT) Earth Day event.  The KRLT organizes an event every year to celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up portions of the Kinnickinnic River, called the “Kinni” for short.  This year, that cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, 26 April.  The Kinni is a class I trout stream located in northwestern Wisconsin and KRLT actively protects 2,000 acres and eight miles of riverbank in this beautiful area. KRLT has had several partners in this event in the past and hopes to continue with that joint effort. SETAC members will be there to provide posters and discussion at the lunch following the river cleanup, covering topics such as ecosystems, the significance of watersheds and addressing the growing presence of pharmaceuticals in Minnesota wastewater effluents.

We’ll report on other events from around the globe as we learn about them. We want to find out what you are doing, so we can share your ideas and experiences with SETAC members and help build momentum for a strong SETAC presence on Earth Day and World Environment Day. If you’re organizing an event, teaching, speaking or writing on environmental issues, or otherwise celebrating Earth Day and World Environment Day, please let us know. We would like to recognize your contribution, along with others from across the SETAC community, in the next issue of the Globe

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