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10 April 2014
Volume 15 Issue 4

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Call for Nominations: Coordinating Editor for SETAC Books

SETAC Publications Advisory Committee

SETAC is seeking the next Coordinating Editor (CE) for SETAC Books. This volunteer opportunity connects the CE with the technical editors and other participants of high-level, state-of-the-science activities that take place at SETAC focused topic meetings and workshops. Unsolicited proposals from individuals outside of focused topic meetings and workshop activities are received on occasion.

SETAC is seeking an individual who has a sense of the emerging fields of inquiry and challenges in the environmental sciences, management and policy arenas. The ability to develop scientific information into easily accessible communications, to identify likely publishable material during the proposal review stage, and to suggest improvements in structure and content early in the proposal stage are crucial to the success of a publication and are valued attributes of the CE. Experience in the process of editing manuscripts is also desired.  This could include prior work on books, a series of related journal-length manuscripts, technical reports or guidance documents. Familiarity with various dynamic electronic publishing formats is also useful.

The primary responsibility of the CE is to maintain the high standards of technical excellence that SETAC has established in its publications over the past four decades. The CE sits on the Publications Advisory Committee (PAC) and is the PAC liaison to the Global Science Committee of SETAC. In this capacity, the CE is engaged with the proposers of workshops and focused topic meetings, in some cases before submission of the proposals but no later than the initial review of proposals. The purpose for this early involvement is to assist the proposers with the development of an effective publications plan. This includes ensuring that there is open correspondence with the editors-in-chief of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry and Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management as well as the SETAC Publications Manager, who serves as the publisher liaison and works through financial requirements.

Interested candidates should submit a short statement of interest to the PAC at  Questions about the position may be directed to the current CE via that email address, as well.  The solicitation will remain open through 31 August 2014. The PAC will review submissions and select finalists in September 2014.  Phone interviews with finalists will be conducted in October 2014.  The PAC intends to select the new CE prior to the SETAC North America annual meeting in November.  Our hope is that the new CE will take over by December 2014 with the current CE assisting during a transition period as needed.

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