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10 April 2014
Volume 15 Issue 4

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SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting: Science Across Bridges, Borders and Boundaries

Kristin Schirmer and Juliane Hollender, Scientific Committee Chairs, Kathrin Fenner and Bettina Hitzfeld, Local Organising Committee Chairs

There are only a few weeks to go before the opening of the SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting in Basel, Switzerland. "Science Across Bridges, Borders and Boundaries" is the meeting theme. Basel is a vibrant city with well-known research institutions and universities as well as chemical and pharmaceutical companies located on both sides of the Rhine at the "Three Countries Corner" of Switzerland, Germany and France. Thus, Basel is an ideal meeting place, where exciting ideas will be discussed and long-term research collaborations can be fostered and created.

Thanks to the scientific committee, the local organising committee, the SETAC Europe staff, and in fact many of you, we have been able to put together a fantastic program! We are eager to welcome our three keynote speakers, who will cover select topics of science, policy and socio-economics. Over the course of the conference, you can choose from nine environmental toxicology and chemistry tracks with sixty regular sessions. In addition, you can look forward to five special sessions, two of which explicitly feature Swiss perspectives. We are delighted to introduce the first-ever SETAC Science Slam where six finalists will communicate their science live on stage in a new and unique way. The audience will then get the chance to vote for the SETAC Europe Science Slammer of the Year.

You should also take the opportunity to explore the city of Basel with its renowned, well-preserved old town, art collections and world class museums. We are reviving the SETAC Fun Run, so you can explore Basel from a different perspective. And our social events will take you to some of Basel’s historical landmarks and modern hot spots.

We look forward to welcoming you in Basel. In the true spirit of SETAC, we encourage you to participate and use the meeting to bridge science and policy, dissolve borders between experimentalists and modelers, and link the boundaries of environmental compartments, or follow other activities that reflect our theme.

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