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  12 September 2013
Volume 14 Issue 9

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Executive Director’s Corner

Greg Schiefer, SETAC North America Executive Director

Greetings again from Pensacola! Of course this time of year we are consumed by preparations for the SETAC North America annual meeting. The social and scientific program for Nashville is coming together nicely. Some notable activities for this year’s annual meeting include:

  • Content capture for approximately 100 hours of presentations. This means that most of the presentations in 4 platform session rooms over the 4 days of the meeting will be recorded. After the meeting, the recorded audio and visual content for these presentations will be available for free for all registered meeting attendees and for a modest fee for those who were unable to attend.
  • Carbon offset credits can be purchased to support the Chesapeake-Potomac Regional Chapter's winning proposal for their Bay Shoreline Restoration and Pilot Carbon Offset Project.
  • Free training webinars will be offered for both poster and platform presenters offering tips for engaging audiences and making your presentations memorable. These recorded webinars will be offered starting in late September and the instructors will be available onsite in Nashville to provide additional one-on-one support.
  • A high and low point of the meeting will be the opportunity to celebrate Mimi Meredith’s last annual meeting as a SETAC staff member. She’ll be retiring at the end of the year, and this will be a great opportunity to wish her well and bon voyage for the several travel adventures that she and her husband Max have planned.

For those in North America, you should have received an email invitation to elect new members of the Board of Directors. Please take a few minutes to study the candidates’ position statements and select your top choices for filling three vacancies from the government sector. The tremendous response to our call for nominations, is indicative of a healthy professional Society, with members willing to volunteer their extra time serving on the board. It was also encouraging that we received many nominations for potential female candidates. The Nominations Committee had to make difficult decisions to narrow down the list of potential candidates to the seven nominees that are currently standing for election to the board.

SETAC’s global growth continues to be amazing. In particular, the global meeting offerings are outstanding.

And not to be forgotten is the SETAC North America Focused Topic Meeting on Endocrine Disruption: Chemical Testing and Risk Assessment Approaches and Implications. This meeting will take place from 5–6 February 2014 in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Abstract submission for this meeting is currently open and meeting registration will open in October.

Clearly, SETAC is a vibrant and active professional Society on many fronts, but we rely upon members, through their volunteer activities, to keep us moving forward. If you have been an active volunteer for SETAC, thank you! If you have not yet stepped up to help, then please respond to the recently sent call for volunteers for committees and advisory groups. It’s linked to a simple survey form where you can indicate your interests in committees and advisory groups or you can request more information about their specific activities to determine how your talents and knowledge might best be utilized.

Finally, we are asking all members to please update their profile information. We use this information to identify experts for workshops, peer reviews, media enquiries and mentor/mentee coordination. You can use it to improve your networking opportunities and to advance your career. As a bonus, update your profile expertise information by the end of September, and you will automatically be entered to win an iPad. To be eligible for the iPad drawing, make sure you have a profile picture.

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