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  12 September 2013
Volume 14 Issue 9

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Coordinated Science Themes – Beyond Nashville

SETAC North America Science Committee

The SETAC North America Science Committee is launching an exciting new program in SETAC and is seeking your help.  Earlier this year, SETAC members were asked to suggest high-profile speakers in leadership roles in the environmental sector that wouldn’t typically attend the SETAC North America annual meeting but might be interested in attending and would provide exciting contributions to our meeting (see the May 2013 SETAC Globe). The goals of the pilot program are to:

  1. Provide a common thread among professional training courses, plenary speakers, platform and poster presentations, and special symposia that relate to the meeting theme
  2. Invite speakers from diverse disciplines and sectors to bring unique perspectives to our members through multiple meeting roles (e.g., professional training courses, panel discussions and debates, special symposia and plenary discussions, in addition to their initial speaking engagement)

Chris CrockettThe SETAC North America Science Committee and 34th Annual Meeting Program Committee are pleased to report that Chris Crockett, Deputy Commissioner of the Planning & Environmental Services Division at the Philadelphia Water Department, was selected for this year’s pilot program. Crockett met many of the items on our checklist and has been provided with a registration waiver and travel expense reimbursement to attend the Nashville meeting. Crockett’s expertise extends beyond environmental infrastructure to ecological services and human health and risk, and he oversees Philadelphia’s groundbreaking "Green City, Clean Waters" program. Crockett will take on the following roles in Nashville:

  1. Give a plenary presentation
  2. Mentor students
  3. Host a booth with a video of Philadelphia’s "Green City, Clean Waters" program and share his expertise (for those who may not be able to attend his talk)
  4. Share thoughts on the coordinated sessions pilot program with the SETAC North America Science Committee

You are strongly encouraged to visit and participate in some or all of the above activities. It would be greatly appreciated if you would share your opinion and ideas regarding this new initiative with the Science Committee! This pilot program will continue into the 35th Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, and an open discussion will be hosted in Nashville on Tuesday, 19 November, from noon–1:00 p.m. in room Lincoln C. The Science Committee invites you to share your thoughts and ideas regarding this new initative, and welcomes your involvement in the lead-up to Vancouver. This will also share lessons learned and discuss mechanisms to best identify potential candidates and topic areas.  You are encouraged to think about this now, so we can get the ball rolling early in 2014.

For more information about the meeting in Nashville, visit For more information about this pilot program or to make a suggestion for the SETAC North America Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, in November 2014, please contact Michelle Embry.

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