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  12 September 2013
Volume 14 Issue 9

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Brooks Receives Fulbright Scholar Award

Globe Editors

Bryan Brooks has been awarded the Fulbright Canada Visiting Research Chair in Water and the Environment to conduct research during the 2013-2014 academic year at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. Brooks will do guest lectures and conduct research focusing on water resources in Alberta in an effort to better understand water quality stressors across various types of areas and environments. Brooks intends to use the opportunity to leverage ongoing work in semi-arid regions of Texas and other parts of the U.S. to advance sustainable water resource management efforts. Brooks currently serves as a member of the SETAC North America Board of Directors and an IEAM Editor for Environmental Management. He is professor of environmental science and biomedical studies at Baylor University, where he directs the environmental science graduate program and the environmental health science program.

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