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  10 October 2013
Volume 14 Issue 10

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In Memoriam, Nicolaas Tieme de Oude

Bart Bosveld, SETAC Europe Executive Director

This year on 24 July, Nicolaas de Oude passed away. Nicolaas de Oude, within SETAC commonly addressed as Nick de Oude, was seen among Europeans at the cradle of SETAC Europe. Nick worked at The Procter and Gamble Company in Belgium and was the founding president of SETAC Europe in 1991. In 1992 Nick was appointed as the first SETAC Europe executive director. He stayed in that position until he retired at the age of 67 in the year 2000.  Nick managed the newly opened Brussels SETAC Europe office in 1992, and he guided the continuing growth of the Society in Europe.  Nick was awarded the SETAC Herb Ward Exceptional Service Award in 1995 for his important contribution to the founding and development of SETAC in Europe and for his long-time and high quality service to the Society.

After his retirement Nick and his wife Ammy de Oude-Kema returned to his home country, The Netherlands, where he passed away on 24 July.

We keep precious memories of a SETAC friend and great contributor to our society. 

Our thoughts are with his wife Ammy de Oude-Kema.

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