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  10 October 2013
Volume 14 Issue 10

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Ensuring the Quality of Toxicity Test Results

Jim Markwiese, Environmental Standards, Inc. and Chris Ingersoll, U.S. Geological Survey

The liability associated with inadequate characterization of toxicity (either over- or under-estimating actual toxicity) can be enormous, and the quality of toxicity-testing is therefore of great importance.  While rigorous quality assurance evaluations, such as data validation, are routine for chemical characterization of samples, analogous toxicity testing quality assurance measures are more limited. This session will provide an overview of current quality control and quality assurance measures recommended in toxicity testing methods, with speakers from the field of laboratory toxicity testing for soils, sediments and water. Our speakers will discuss mechanisms to improve procedures for establishing and documenting quality assurance for a variety of research topics, including these:

  • The role of laboratory audits for ensuring the quality of toxicity testing results
  • USEPA and ASTM sediment and water toxicity methods for Hyalella azteca and Chironomus dilutus: draft guidance for control test acceptability and historic performance
  • Improving the quality of aquatic toxicity tests: lessons learned and proficiency needs
  • Toxicity testing: the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Continuing challenges in terrestrial ecotoxicology
  • Testing difficult substances for aquatic toxicity: strategies for poorly water-soluble test items
  • Development of a formulated marine sediment in support of chronic sediment testing with the estuarine amphipod Leptocheirus plumulosus
  • Identifying best available ecotoxicology data for assessing potential risks of pesticides to endangered and threatened species and their habitats

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