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  10 October 2013
Volume 14 Issue 10

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Environmental Implications of Biochar, a Special Symposium in Nashville

Colleen Rostad, US Geological Survey and Sophie Minori Uchimiya, US Department of Agriculture

The SETAC North America 34th Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, will offer a special symposium to present and discuss a relatively new, rapidly evolving research topic:  the fate, behavior and environmental effects of biochar additions to soil. Incorporation of biochar to agricultural soil has been proposed both as a means for long-term sequestration of atmospheric carbon in terrestrial ecosystems and as a way of improving soil texture, fertility and nutrient-holding capacity through complex interacting mechanisms.  Different feedstock and formation conditions produce widely varying biochar characteristics.

You are invited to participate in this important program. We will hear from international investigators regarding a variety of biochar topics, including the following:

  • Characterization and environmental implications of biochars from different feedstocks
  • Effects of biochar amendment on lead-contaminated soil
  • Soil properties affecting microbial transport through biochar-amended soils
  • Field trials of biochar in several developing countries
  • Using LIDAR to locate historic sources of biochar from charcoal iron furnaces
  • Comparison of biochar and activated carbon for PCB sequestration
  • Water-soluble organic compounds from biochars from different feedstocks
  • Interaction of biochar with cadmium and antimony
  • Sorption of chromium on biochar
  • Sorption of polar and non-polar aromatic compounds to biochar
  • Toxicity of biochar

We invite you to be an active participant! There will be 8 scheduled platform presentations and approximately 3 poster exhibits on Thursday, 21 November.

We’re enthused about this informative program and trust that you will enjoy it as much as you enjoy Nashville in November. Welcome!

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