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  7 November 2013
Volume 14 Issue 11

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SETAC Nashville Sessions Sponsored by the Chemistry Advisory Group

Eunha Hoh, San Diego State University, Alan Jones, Clemson University, Elin Ulrich, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Pamela Rice, United States Department of Agriculture

Every year, the Chemistry Advisory Group (CAG) sponsors novel, innovative, broad reaching, interdisciplinary sessions at SETAC North America annual meetings and selected the following two sessions for SETAC Nashville:

Helping Contaminants Emerge: Non-targeted and Effect-directed Environmental Analysis

The 2012 SETAC North America Annual Meeting in Long Beach hosted a special symposium on the same topic, which was a great success. This year, on Monday, 18 November, the session returns as a platform session in room Lincoln A. The first talk by Ron Hites, “Finding 'Unknown Unknowns' in the Environment,” will set the stage. Presentations that follow will discuss advances in non-targeted and effects-driven methods, including the very latest in instrumental analysis, bioanalytical techniques, computational and data analysis tools, and integration of chemical and biological assays for a more comprehensive and efficient assessment of environmental quality. The next day, on 19 November, there will be poster exhibits. We are thrilled to have the session again this year and hope you will join us. 

Innovative Environment: New Tools for Addressing Issues in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Scientists constantly struggle to keep abreast of research in their own fields, let alone new and innovative technologies that could facilitate a better understanding of the environment. The SETAC North America 34th Annual Meeting features this special symposium on new tools for addressing issues in environmental toxicology and chemistry. The special symposium is intended to showcase new ideas and technologies that can improve how we collect, store, manage or analyze data.

We will hear from a variety of innovators regarding the following topics:

  • Taking Stock online which compiles and disseminates data from pollutant release and transfer registers
  • Collecting consumer product habits and practices data in several countries
  • Employing online video for visualized publication for a new generation of science journals
  • Integrating and connecting chemistry data for the community using the ChemSpider public compound database
  • Passive sampling technology with easy to use deployment equipment to sample in a variety of conditions
  • Concepts of open-source collaboration and data analysis through the DIY spectrometer
  • Efficacy of integrated miniature chemical sensors in MP3 players and cellular phones
  • Site characterization and real-time decision using micro electro mechanical systems for gas chromatographic analysis

This symposium includes 8 platform presentations and will start at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, 19 November, in Presidential Ballroom CDE. We have recruited some distinctive speakers and are very excited about this symposium and trust that you will enjoy every presentation. 

See you in Nashville!

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