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  9 May 2013
Volume 14 Issue 5

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First Part of SETAC Europe Workshop MAgPIE a Success!

Katja Knauer, Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture

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The first part of the work-intensive SETAC Europe workshop on "Mitigating the Risk of Plant Protection Products in the Environment" (MAgPIE) took place from 22–24 April 2013 in Rome, Italy. The organizing committee thanks all experts, Barbara Koelman from the SETAC Europe office and the sponsors for their contributions. We also thank Wolfgang Reinert from the European Commission, who organized financial support for regulatory authorities’ representatives.

The objective of this workshop is to help achieve a better harmonization within Europe in the area of risk mitigation measures to the environment and related risk assessment and management. The expected outcome is to provide European regulatory authorities with a toolbox of risk mitigation measures designed for uses of plant protection products for agricultural purposes.

MAgPIE group shot
MAgPIE workshop participants gathered in Rome.

During the first workshop, experts provided state-of-the-art knowledge about and for the development of risk mitigation measures for pesticides in Europe. Risk mitigation practices and their future implementation and development were discussed together with all stakeholders, i.e., experts from government, academia and business. The workshop provided the participants an excellent platform for networking and sharing information in the field of environmental management.

The second part of the MAgPIE workshop is planned for November 2013 and aims to propose harmonized options for risk mitigation measures for Europe.

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