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  9 May 2013
Volume 14 Issue 5

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Call for Nomination of Individuals to Lead and Coordinate Science Themes at the Nashville Meeting

SETAC North America Science Committee

The SETAC North America Science Committee is developing a pilot program in coordination with the Program Committee for the SETAC North America 34th Annual Meeting to promote in-depth and multi-disciplinary exploration and discussion of selected topics at the annual meeting, which will be held from 17–21 November in Nashville, Tenn. The intent of this program is twofold:

  1. To provide a common thread among professional training courses, plenary speakers, platform and poster presentations, and special symposia that relate to the meeting theme.
  2. To invite speakers from diverse disciplines and get them more involved in the meeting itself.

For example, a speaker with a human health or political science background, who would not normally attend a SETAC meeting, can bring new perspectives to our members. Getting them involved in professional training courses, panel discussions or other programs besides their initial speaking engagement will allow for a more in-depth learning and networking experience.

Both of these objectives compliment the theme of the SETAC North America 34th Annual Meeting, “Harmonizing Science Across Disciplines.” And while session topics and most plenary speakers have already been identified for the Nashville meeting, recommendations for individuals to lead and coordinate a science theme across sessions, special symposia, plenary discussions, debates and professional training courses are still accepted. These speakers need to be able to take on multiple roles within their identified topic areas.

This pilot program will provide limited registration fee waivers and travel expense reimbursement for two to three candidates who can successfully take on more than one of the following roles: session speaker, debate leader, short course instructor, plenary speaker, or speaker at special workshops or symposia.

Please contact Michelle Embry for more information. The deadline for submitting nominations is 1 June 2013. The SETAC North America Science Committee and the Nashville Program Committee will work together to evaluate candidates on the basis of explicit criteria. You may also contact Ron McCormick, Cynthia Stahl or Cam Irvine to discuss ideas.

The SETAC North America Science Committee is also planning a meeting in Nashville to discuss ideas and potential candidates or groups of people to continue this project at the 2014 North America annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, and beyond.

For more information about the meeting in Nashville, visit For more information about this pilot program or to submit a nomination, contact Michelle Embry.

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