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  20 June 2013
Volume 14 Issue 6

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Message from the SETAC Europe President

Laurent Lagadic, INRA

It will be my great pleasure and honor to serve as the SETAC Europe President for the coming year. I fully realize the responsibilities you have given me, and I will do my best to satisfy your needs and wishes. I hope that the success of the Glasgow, Scotland, meeting foreshadows a year of success for SETAC Europe. With more than 1,950 delegates, the 2013 annual meeting was among the most successful of the SETAC Europe Annual Meetings to date. Whether you were happy, unhappy or skeptical about the content of the scientific program, please remember that the content of these meetings is up to you. I therefore strongly encourage you to propose session topics for the SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting in Basel, Switzerland, from 11–15 May 2014. Deadline to submit session proposals is 15 August 2013.

But SETAC is not only about annual meetings—the Society offers a wide variety of instruments to exchange, disseminate and transfer scientific and technical knowledge.

Feel free to propose topics for the SETAC Europe Special Science Symposia (SESSS). These small (approximately 120 participants), topic-focused meetings (held in Brussels, Belgium, over a two-day period) are designed to facilitate debate on current scientific issues within a regulatory context (see, and for upcoming symposia). SESSS topics are specifically conceived to attract individuals from government, academia and business sectors. Topics for technical and scientific workshops are also welcome. MODELINK and MagPIE are excellent examples of long-range workshops dedicated to supporting advances in the regulatory assessment of chemicals.

In addition to meetings, SETAC Europe has launched a valuable education program based on the well-known short-course series at its annual meetings. More recently, SETAC Europe also introduced Summer Schools, which offer scientists and students the best up-to-date knowledge in a variety of areas (check the course program for 2013 at Thanks to the involvement of its members, SETAC Europe is working to expand this program and increase the number of courses offered.

Enjoy the upcoming SETAC Europe scientific events!

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