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Message from the SETAC Europe President
Laurent Lagadic
20 June 2013
Volume 14 Issue 6
Laurent LagadicIt will be my great pleasure and honor to serve as the SETAC Europe President for the coming year. I fully realize the responsibilities you have given me, and I will do my best to satisfy your needs and wishes. I hope that the success of the Glasgow, Scotland, meeting foreshadows a year of success for SETAC Europe.

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Lauren LagadicHave You Been Following the ET&C Impact Papers Essay Series?
John Toll, Gary Ankley and Joe Gorsuch
You might remember seeing the article “Revisiting the Classics” in the December 2012 Globe, where we announced plans to celebrate ET&C as a place to publish important papers by recruiting some of the most prominent scientists to develop short essays in specific topic areas reflected in the highly cited papers. Our high expectations for the series have been exceeded. Yes, the essays tell us about some of the most important environmental science research of the last 30 years, but they also offer practical words of wisdom that transcend the prima facie essay topics. They are inspirational. If you haven’t already discovered them then we hope that this will draw you in.

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Paulo MasoniValedictory Address from SETAC Europe’s Immediate Past President
Paolo Masoni
On 15 May 2013, in Glasgow, Scotland, after one year of service, I officially stepped down as SETAC Europe President. Addressing the general assembly, I mentioned a few key words that, in my opinion, reflect what this experience meant to me: responsibilities and commitments, sharing, concerns and achievements, and colleagues and friends.

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Personal care products Glasgow Session on Environmental Exposure and Effects of Pharmaceuticals and Veterinary Medicines—Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecotoxicology
Ross Brown, Alistair Boxall, Gerd Maack, and Jeanne Garric
Recent improvements in analytical detection have revealed that pharmaceuticals and their metabolites, or transformation products, can enter the environment via water, sewage, manure and animal carcasses, and may disperse through the food chain. Pharmaceuticals are designed to alter physiology at low concentrations and therefore have the potential to be potent environmental contaminants. This session reviewed current progress in understanding and predicting environmental exposure, bioavailability and the effects on ecological and human health of pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicines.

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duckweed Aquatic and Terrestrial Plant Ecology, Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment
Gertie Arts and Jo Davies
The SETAC Aquatic Macrophyte Ecotoxicology Advisory Group session held Glasgow, Scotland, highlighted recent scientific developments in the field of plant ecotoxicology and risk assessment for chemicals. Several topics—including toxicity, uptake and bioaccumulation studies in plants, phytoremediation studies and the management of aquatic plants—were covered by 18 platform presentations and more than 35 poster presentations.

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Scientist holds beakerBridging the Gap Between Risk Perception and Ecotoxicology Research—How Can We Communicate to Improve Our Outreach?
Thomas-Benjamin Seiler, Agnieszka Hunka, Mattia Meli, and Peter Calow
“Bridging the Gap between Risk Perception and Ecotoxicology Research―How Can We Communicate to Improve Our Outreach?” was the second session on science and risk communication at SETAC Europe annual meetings in a row. Once more it was well attended and this time also featured a panel discussion to dive deeper into this important area.

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Endowment fundPlanned Giving and SETAC—Ensuring Our Society’s Future
Gene Mancini
The SETAC North America Endowment Fund was established in 2005 and constitutes an ideal means for members to provide a continuing legacy gift to our Society. Six senior members of the Society have already bequeathed substantial sums to the Endowment Fund, and the Board of Trustees greatly appreciates and encourages these thoughtful commitments. Planned or deferred giving is the current gift of future assets (e.g., money, stocks) through charitable bequests. SETAC-specific bequests can assist in tax-advantaged estate planning and constitute a personal commitment and legacy in support of SETAC’s goals, objectives and vision.

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Message from the SETAC Europe President
Have You Been Following the ET&C Impact Papers Essay Series?
Valedictory Address from SETAC Europe’s Immediate Past President
Glasgow Session on Environmental Exposure and Effects of Pharmaceuticals and Veterinary Medicines
Aquatic and Terrestrial Plant Ecology, Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment
Bridging the Gap Between Risk Perception and Ecotoxicology Research
Planned Giving and SETAC
Africa meeting
Registration for the SETAC North America 34th Annual Meeting from 17–21 November in Nashville, Tenn., USA opens 1 July. Register early and save!

The Pharmaceutical Advisory Group (PAG) is seeking nominations for seven new Steering Committee members (two each from the academic, business and government sectors and one student). This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to influence the work of the PAG and who wish to get actively involved in running PAG events. Please contact Alistair Boxall for more information. PAG welcomes applications from the South American Asia Pacific and African regions which are currently under-represented on the committee.

Recordings from the Environmental Risk Assessment Workshop held during the SETAC Europe 23rd Annual Meeting are now available online, free of charge at Titled "Closing the gap between academic research and regulatory risk assessment of chemicals," the recordings include audio and slide presentations.
IEAM volume 9, issue 2 What's New in IEAM
Projected Hg dietary exposure of 3 bird species nesting on a contaminated floodplain (South River, Virginia, USA)

Jincheng Wang, Michael C Newman
(Volume  9,  Issue 2)
ET&C volume 32, 7What's New in ET&C
Assessing sediment toxicity: Past, present, and future
G. Allen Burton Jr.
(Volume  32,  Issue  7)
Coming in July: Replacing Toxic Chemicals, Improving Ecological Realism in Ecotoxicology and more…
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