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12 December 2013
Volume 14 Issue 12

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SETAC Globe, Past Present and Future

John Toll, Editor-in-Chief, SETAC Globe

As we approach 2014, it is time for me to write to you about the Globe.  This is an especially important time for me to do this because we are at the beginning of a leadership transition.  I informed the Publications Advisory Committee at last month's SETAC North America annual meeting that I intend to step down as editor-in-chief by my fifth anniversary (May 2015).  We are now in the process of developing a list of attributes that we'll be looking for in my replacement, and also thinking about how to improve our product delivery processes to make it easier to pass the reins to our next editor-in-chief.  We hope to have everything in place to issue a call for nominations before the SETAC Europe annual meeting in Basel, and for SETAC to select a new editor-in-chief at or before the SETAC North America annual meeting in Vancouver, which will allow time for a smooth transition.  I for one am excited to see what fresh ideas and energy a new editor will bring to the Globe!

That is the news about where the Globe is headed.  Now let's look at where it stands today.  Globe readership is steady and strong.  We distribute the Globe to approximately 6,000 people each month.  Approximately one-third of the recipients open the Globe email, and approximately one-third of the recipients who open the e-mail go beyond the headlines, clicking on at least one article.  That is very good readership for a professional or trade society e-newsletter.  While we would love to draw even more, we are proud to have sustained that level of readership for nearly four years now.

The Globe runs minimal advertising and does not generate significant revenue for SETAC.  Its value comes from the services that it provides to SETAC and its members.  Since the electronic Globe's inception in 2010 we have consistently run on the order of 100-120 feature articles per year.  Roughly half of those feature articles come from or talk about the work of SETAC's leaders - including the World Council, geographic units, committees, advisory groups, regional chapters and journals - with the balance reflecting the broader interests of SETAC members.  This provides a nice segue to my next topic: volume 15 (the 2014 Globe).  Here is our 2014 production schedule.

Globe schedule

We are actively scheduling content now for the full year, so please take a moment to think about how and when you want to use the Globe in 2014 and get in touch with us soon.  We try our best to have room available on short notice for good articles, but if you already know about something that should be in the Globe, and approximately when it should appear, then now is the time to let us know.  Either e-mail us at or contact me personally at or +1-206-812-5433.  I want to have up to half of our 2014 feature articles (i.e., 50-60 articles) penciled in by the first of the year.  We can do that, but only with your help.  What are you doing that you want or ought to convey to SETAC members? 

  • Are you active in your regional chapter?  Would a report on your annual meeting help draw attention and attract members to the chapter?  Do you also want to run a pre-meeting article to help bump up attendance?
  • What is your advisory group working on in 2014?  How would writing Globe articles help you advance the advisory group's initiatives?  Could it be a catalyst for keeping work groups active between annual meetings?  A way to build bridges with other advisory groups, or attract new members? 
  • Have you published recently?  Do you want to let people know about it?  How about publishing a summary article in the Globe to let people know what you've done, and why it's interesting and important?
  • What's on your committee's agenda this year?  Could you use more help to accomplish your goals?  What better way to reach SETAC's global membership than through the Globe?
  • Are you organizing or participating in a SETAC-sponsored workshop, symposium or special topics meeting this year?  How are you planning to report out to the membership, or more to the point, how does the Globe fit into your outreach plan?
  • Are you chairing a session at a SETAC meeting?  How might you use the Globe to draw speakers and a bigger audience to your session?  Certainly if the topic is important enough to warrant a session, then it is important enough to sustain.  How will you keep the ball rolling after the session is over?  Can the Globe help?
  • If you are involved in SETAC governance then chances are you have already heard from me.  Nonetheless, please think again about what you want to accomplish this year, and how the Globe can help you get there!
  • What have we missed?  Please let us know!

Whether it be about publishing in the Globe in 2014, or about leading this service (dare I say important service?) to SETAC and its members in the years to come, we look forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks!  Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!

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