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SETAC Launches Global Horizon Scanning and Research Prioritization Project
Bryan Brooks, Gerald Ankley, Alistair Boxall and Murray Rudd
15 August 2013
Volume 14 Issue 8
earth from moonThe SETAC World Council is pleased to announce the initiation of a Global Horizon Scanning and Prioritization Project aimed at identifying geographically specific research needs to address stressor impacts on environmental quality. In the new exercise, priority research questions will be solicited from SETAC members and other environmental professionals, then synthesized by expert teams to form lists of the top research questions that, if answered, would substantially advance our understanding of how a range of environmental stressors impact environmental quality in different geographic regions…

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John TollEditor's Corner
John Toll
It’s been a while since I’ve written an editor’s note, but this month is a milestone of sorts so I thought the time was right. We published the first issue of the electronic Globe three years ago this month, in August 2010. By my informal count, in our first three years we published 308 feature articles by, for and about SETAC members and groups and your professional activities and interests. Our readership remains strong and steady…

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SETAC Australasia2013 SETAC Australasia Chapter Meeting Preview
Dayanthi Nugegoda
The SETAC Australasian Chapter is holding its annual conference in Melbourne 1-3 October 2013. We encourage all members to attend! The theme of this year’s conference is “Multidisciplinary approaches to managing environmental pollution,” with a strong emphasis on managing the impacts of urban pollution.

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AOP WikiAOP Wiki: A New Tool for Developing and Documenting Adverse Outcome Pathways
Gerald Ankley
An adverse outcome pathway is a conceptual framework that portrays existing knowledge about the linkage between the molecular initiating event and an adverse outcome that occurs at a level of biological organization relevant to risk assessment. This framework is important for expanding the use of mechanistic toxicological data in chemical risk assessment…

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International Conference Report on the 1st International Conference on Environmental Safety and Ecological Criteria
Kenny Leung and Xiaowei Zhang
With over 1.3 billion people and rapid urbanization and industrialization, environmental problems in China present unprecedented challenges. China has embarked on developing its own water quality criteria systems to support its fight to improve water quality and enable better environmental risk assessment at regional and national levels. A recent conference sponsored by multiple scientific societies in Nanjing addressed this important work.

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chlordane Stockholm Convention: Chemicals, Progress and Future Trends
Derek Muir and Wolfgang Rotard
At the SETAC Europe 23rd Annual Meeting in Glasgow a session was held addressing issues related to the identification and assessment of persistent organic pollutants, the effectiveness of global monitoring plans and capacity building conducted under the Stockholm Convention from the point of view of academic, governmental and chemical industry representatives.

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prairie northernRegional Spotlight: Prairie Northern Chapter Celebrating 4 Years and Growing!
Jeff Decker
The 4th annual SETAC Prairie Northern Chapter meeting, hosted by Greg Pyle and Alice Hontela, was held at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta on 7–8 June 2013. The conference was structured around the theme “Sharing Water Resources in a Growing Economy: Science to Policy.” More than 75 attendees joined us from across the vast chapter, resulting in a diverse, friendly and at times rambunctious crowd!

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Kevin JohnsonIn Memoriam: Kevin A. Johnson
Rami Naddy
On 24 June 2013 Kevin Johnson passed away unexpectedly while on vacation in Manila, The Philippines. Kevin was very active in SETAC. He regularly attended regional and national meetings while presenting his laboratory’s research and served in the Chemistry Advisory Group. His distinguished career as a teacher and researcher concentrated on the subjects of environmental chemistry and toxicology.

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SETAC Launches a Global Horizon Scanning and Research Prioritization Project
Editor’s Corner
2013 SETAC Australasia Meeting Preview
A New Tool for Developing and Documenting Adverse Outcome Pathways
First International Conference on Environmental Safety and Ecological Criteria
Stockholm Convention: Chemicals, Progress and Future Trends
Regional Spotlight: Prairie Northern Chapter Celebrating 4 Years and Growing
In Memoriam: Kevin A. Johnson
Nashville registration now open
The deadline is quickly approaching to submit a session proposal for the SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting in Basel, Switzerland, from 11–15 May 2014. Submit your proposal by 15 August.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations by 5 September for the 19th SETAC Europe LCA Case Study Symposium, taking place 11–13 November 2013 in Rome, Italy. The theme of the symposium is "LCA in market research and policy: Harmonisation beyond standardisation."

Abstract Submission is now open for poster presentations at the Endocrine Disruption Focus Topic Meeting to be held 5–6 February 2014.

Based on the high quality of abstracts submitted as well as the launching of the SETAC Global Horizon Scanning Project, the upcoming SETAC Africa Conference promises to be an exciting event. Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to a highly impactful project. All attendees must register online, even if you intend to pay on site.

SETAC has organized a symposium and poster session, "Managing Mercury Pollution in the 21st Century: Bridging Science and Policy," to be held 6 October 2013 in Kumamoto, Japan. In October 2013, an internationally binding convention on the control of mercury will be signed in Japan. SETAC has organized an outstanding panel of scientists to discuss the scientific underpinnings of the Convention. Further details will follow on the SETAC website soon.
IEAM volume 9, issue 3 What's New in IEAM
Probabilistic approaches to accounting for data variability in the practical application of bioavailability in predicting aquatic risks from metals

Philippe Ciffroy1, Rayna Charlatchka, Daniel Ferreira, Laura Marang
(Volume  9,  Issue 3)
ET&C volume 32, 9What's New in ET&C
Predicting concentrations of the cytostatic drugs cyclopho-
sphamide, caboplatin, 5-florouracil, and capecitabine throughout the sewage effluents and surface waters of Europe

Andrew C. Johnson, Rik Oldenkamp, Egon Dumont, John P. Sumpter
(Volume  32,  Issue  9)
Coming in September: SETAC North America Executive Director’s corner and annual meeting preview, IEAM Spotlight and more…
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