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  11 April 2013
Volume 14 Issue 4

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SETAC North America Introduces the SETAC MultiBrief

Greg Schiefer, SETAC North America Executive Director and Jennifer Lynch, SETAC Publications Manager

SETAC North America is pleased to offer our members a new informational product, the SETAC MultiBrief. Starting 14 May, this free email resource will provide comprehensive new digests of the top stories in environmental toxicology and chemistry. This service will aggregate items from more than 14,500 media outlets in 35 languages. It will also provide advertising opportunities and revenues that will support new SETAC activities, e.g., post-meeting access to featured SETAC North America annual meeting sessions—more on this later!

This service will be provided to members in North America. Owing to the restrictive nature of privacy laws in the EU, members in the rest of the world will have to opt-in to receive the SETAC MultiBrief through a link that will be available on our website.

We hope that you find the SETAC MultiBrief a useful news gathering service. It can be easily read on your computer, tablet or smartphone, and will be delivered to your inbox bi-weekly (and you can easily opt-out if you choose not to receive it).

The SETAC MultiBrief is powered by MultiBriefs, a division of MultiView, Inc.

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