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  11 April 2013
Volume 14 Issue 4

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SETAC on Earth Day 2013

Jodi Mohs-Davis, 3M Environmental Lab, Chris Ivey, U.S. Geological Survey

Earth Day, 22 April, and World Environment Day, 5 June, are just a few weeks away. These events serve to raise awareness of important environmental quality issues including sustainable development, water resources, energy, recycling and waste reduction, green economy, conservation and biodiversity, and environmental education. Many individual members of SETAC regularly participate in annual Earth Day activities and celebrations, and SETAC as an organization can bring sound science to the dialogue.

We’d like to share what SETAC members have planned for Earth Day and World Environment Day. Take a look at the SETAC North America Education and Short Courses Committee page, where you can join the Earth Day and World Environment Day Group, find an activities guide with links to Earth Day and World Environment Day activities from around the world, and download a SETAC poster, which you might find useful.

Something new and exciting this year is an Earth Day Event Grant that was awarded by the SETAC North America Education and Short Courses Committee. Applicants submitted their proposals for the grant starting in January, and the winner was selected in March. This year’s winner is Norka E. Paden with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s Environmental Health Education and Assessment Program. According to Norka, this $500 award will be used by the Boise Watershed Environmental Education Center to purchase activities materials for their Earth Day event. Their goal is to educate youth about the importance of environmental protection. Congratulations to Norka and her colleagues! More details about their event will follow in the May 9 Globe.

SETAC Earth Day Poster
Download the SETAC Earth Day Poster 24 x 36 inches (3.64 MB) or 8.5 x 11 inches (1.76 MB)

On Saturday, April 13, SETAC members at the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County will be celebrating Earth Day with an event that features educational activities for all ages. Partners from government and private organizations, including SETAC, will participate in the festivities, which include a tour of a water reclamation plant and landfill, and a train ride following the journey of your trash from home to recycling center to landfill. Other activities will both facilitate learning about environmental issues and demonstrate ways to help protect the planet.

In Santa Monica, Calif., SETAC members at the Heal the Bay Santa Monica Pier Aquarium are celebrating Earth Day all weekend long. On April 20 and 21 volunteers can participate in a beach clean-up, ocean pollution workshops and educational activities for all ages. On Saturday, Heal the Bay will also be coordinating the BlueGreen Expo of Sustainability on the Santa Monica Pier Deck.

The Kinnickinnic River Land Trust (KRLT) is organizing their annual Earth Day river clean up on the Kinnickinnic River, called the “Kinni” for short. The Kinni is a Class I trout stream located in northwestern Wisconsin, and KRLT actively protects 2,000 acres and 8 miles of riverbank in this beautiful area. SETAC members will hand out posters and lead discussions at the lunch following the river cleanup on such topics as ecosystems, the significance of watersheds, and the growing presence of pharmaceuticals in Minnesota wastewater effluents.

We’ll report on other events from around the globe as we learn about them, or you can post your own events when you join the Earth Day and World Environment Day Group page. We encourage you to post photos and share materials that you have developed for Earth Day activities.

Sharing your ideas and experiences with SETAC members will help build momentum for a strong SETAC presence on Earth Day and World Environment Day. If you’re organizing an event; teaching, speaking or writing on environmental issues; or otherwise celebrating Earth Day and World Environment Day, please let us know so we can recognize your contribution.

Please also consider sharing your photos and stories after your event, so we can feature them in the next Globe.

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