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  11 April 2013
Volume 14 Issue 4

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Canadian Aquatic Science and Environmental Legislation Under Threat

Globe Editors

Last June we ran Peter Hodson’s letter A Vitally Important Issue concerning the Canadian federal government’s decision to make drastic changes to environmental management in Canada, including revisions to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, revisions to the Fisheries Act, elimination of Department of Fisheries and Oceans resources devoted to chemical pollution, and complete elimination of funding for the Experimental Lakes Area field station.

Recently Hodson brought to our attention another editorial on the subject, this one by Peter Wells, which was recently published in Marine Pollution Bulletin. The letter, Canadian aquatic science and environmental legislation under threat, elaborates about these and similar actions by the Canadian government.

Readers are encouraged to read Wells’ letter. It closes with a series of what Wells characterizes as viable, constructive actions, including more criticism from professional organizations and individuals (especially from the international sphere) through well-researched news articles and greater use of social media, more commentary from influential international figures in the marine environmental and conservation arenas, court action by Canadian citizens and Canada’s First Nations, and greater engagement of youth groups.

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