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  13 September 2012
Volume 13 Issue 9

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SETAC North America Executive Director's Corner

Greg Schiefer, SETAC North America Executive Director

SETAC North America is having an excellent year! Regional chapters are flourishing, having held great meetings through the spring and summer and another great one, the Ohio Valley Regional Chapter Meeting, coming up this month. You will find reports from the Laurentian, North Atlantic and Prairie Northern chapters in this issue of the Globe.

We've also implemented big changes in the SETAC website as part of the change in our association management software. We have switched to a new, cost-effective system that will be used globally for integrated membership and meeting management. As Mike Mozur emphasized last month, we hope that members will make good use of the new tools available through the website for discussion forums, social media connections, and user-maintained webpages (see the Chemistry Advisory Group webpage as a good example).

Another new initiative this year is an innovative approach toward achieving carbon neutrality for the Long Beach meeting. The SETAC North America Board of Directors developed this $15,000 initiative so members can be empowered to conduct carbon-offset projects in their local communities, as an alternative to purchasing carbon credits from external groups. Several promising carbon-offset proposals for the Long Beach meeting have been received and are now being evaluated. The winning proposals will be announced by the end of September. Please support these projects through online donations at the SETAC Store. You can add short courses and socials to your existing meeting registration through this link.

Also for the Long Beach meeting, a call for abstracts for late-breaking research (or for those who were unable to submit during the original abstract submission period) is now open. Limitations on these submissions are that they are for poster presentations only and will only appear in the online interactive meeting program.

There are several areas where your volunteer support will be needed in the next year:

  • We continue to seek volunteers for committee activities. You can simply get in touch with the chair of any committee for which you have interest, or you can provide your interest information for SETAC North America committees through this link.
  • For 2013, we are considering another focused topic meeting (FTM) on oil spill impacts, in general, with an emphasis on the Gulf of Mexico and the Pan American region, in particular. This will be very similar to the very successful FTM on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that we conducted in Pensacola in April 2011. If you have interest in helping to organize this meeting please get in touch with me.

As a reminder, don’t forget to participate in the ongoing election for the SETAC North America Board of Directors. If you are a full member and reside in North America you should have received a voting link from me during the last several weeks. We have a great slate of candidates and it takes just a few minutes to review the candidates’ qualifications and then to cast your votes. And I know you join me in thanking the current board members for their service, and especially those whose terms are ending this November: George Cobb, Jerry Farris, David Ownby, Marisol Sepulveda, and Rick Scroggins!

Finally, I would also like to thank this year’s Nominations Committee members for their efforts in creating an exemplary slate of candidates from the nominations that were received and/or solicited by the Committee. They had the difficult tasks of selecting the most qualified candidates while also ensuring balance, to the extent possible with the accepted nominations, across geographies, sectors, research interests, gender, etc. Where imbalances occur (e.g., gender), it was not from lack of effort on the part of the Committee. We simply did not get enough accepted nominations to create a balanced slate.

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