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  11 October 2012
Volume 13 Issue 10

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Deepwater Horizon/MC252 Oil Spill Special Symposium in Long Beach

Gene Mancini, E.R. Mancini & Associates

The SETAC North America 33rd Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California will offer a special symposium to present, discuss and debate substantive data regarding the fate, behavior and effects of petroleum hydrocarbon and dispersant compounds in the northern Gulf of Mexico resulting from the MC252 wellhead oil spill. In 2010 an unprecedented response to this spill was undertaken and similarly significant and diverse research efforts were initiated. Now, two years after the spill occurred, academic, government and industry scientists will be offering more than 50 platform, poster and interactive panel presentations.

You are invited to participate in this important program. We will hear from investigators regarding a variety of research topics including the following:

  • Fresh, weathered and dispersed oil toxicology involving coastal finfish and invertebrates as well as selected pelagic species
  • Toxicity metrics including survival, growth, reproduction, biochemical, behavioral and developmental endpoints
  • Hydrocarbon degradation in a variety of habitats
  • PAH chemistry including media concentrations and chemical fingerprinting
  • Photo-enhanced toxicity
  • Exposure and analytical methodologies including a variety of water-accommodated fraction (WAF) considerations
  • PAH toxic unit assessments
  • Oil droplet chemistry and characterizations
  • Nearshore and deep sea sediment chemistry, biology and more!

We invite you to be an active participant! There will be 16 scheduled platform presentations and approximately 30 poster exhibits on Monday, 12 November, as well as a half-dozen invited speakers for the interactive panel on Tuesday, where approximately two hours of time will be committed to topical discussion and debate.

We’re enthused about this informative program and trust that you will enjoy it as much as you enjoy Long Beach in November. Welcome!

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