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  8 November 2012
Volume 13 Issue 11

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Environmental Solutions to Stressors in a Changing World: Ohio Valley Chapter Annual Meeting

Becky Braeutigam, President, Ohio Valley Chapter

University of Miami ERC tour
"Sam" the Screech Owl

The Ohio Valley Chapter of SETAC North America held its 29th Annual Meeting at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, 27-28 September 2012. The meeting theme was "Environmental Solutions to Stressors in a Changing World." The meeting opened with Becky Braeutigam of BHE Environmental, Inc. giving the president's welcome. The morning session included a trio of captivating plenary presentations from Miami University faculty and started with a presentation by Jim Oris ("Water Temperature and UV Transparency Interact to Control Invasive Fish in Lake Tahoe, CA/NV"). The other presentations were from Richard Lee ("Surviving Environmental Change on the Antarctic Peninsula: Stress Tolerance in the Southernmost Insect") and Ellen Currano ("Plants, Insects and Past Global Warming Events").

University of Miami ERC tour
Miami University ERC Tour

The first day's activities also included a full tour of Miami University's Ecology Research Center (ERC) led by ERC manager Rodney Kolb. The 69-hectare ERC field station contains diverse field sites and facilities that support both aquatic and terrestrial ecology research. The station is partially powered by an on-site wind turbine. Attendees also enjoyed a tour of the Hueston Woods State Park Nature Center and Raptor Rehabilitation Center led by naturalist Shawn Conner. We ended the first day with an enjoyable dinner and socializing in uptown Oxford.

University of Miami ERC tour
Student Award Winners (left to right): Wise, Rumschlag and Willis (not pictured: Hoskins and Thornton)

The second day of the meeting focused on submitted presentations from both professionals and students. The presenters included professionals from Cardno Entrix, Southern Illinois University, the University of Michigan, the University of Findlay, Ashland University and the US Environmental Protection Agency. The student presenters were from Miami University, Ball State University, University of Kentucky, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Wright State University and Ashland University. Seven student platform presentations and nine student interactive-format poster presentations were given on a variety of environmental topics. The high quality of all of the student presentations was impressive. Big congratulations to all of the students! A total of $1,000 was awarded to exceptional student presenters at the meeting, with students from the Miami University laboratories of Jim Oris and Michelle Boone sweeping the awards.

  • Best Graduate Student Platform: Alison Willis - "Species Sensitivity to Photo-Induced Toxicity in Sheepshead Minnow (Cyprinodon variegates) and Zebrafish (Danio rerio) and Inter-Specific Variability in LC50s for Three Phototoxic PAHs (fluoranthene, pyrene, anthracene) in Zebrafish"
  • Best Graduate Student Poster (tie): Samantha Rumschlag - "The Effects of Malathion and Timing of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Exposure on Grey Tree Frogs (Hyla chrysoscelis)"; Tyler Hoskins - "Variation in Tolerance of Insecticides with Varying Modes of Action Within a Population of Blanchard’s Cricket Frogs (Acris blanchardi)"
  • Best Undergraduate Platform: Leah Thornton - "Development of the Sheepshead Minnow (Cyprinodon variegatus) as a Model Organism for Immunotoxicity"
  • Best Undergraduate Poster: Rayona Wise - "The Effects of Malathion and Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Exposure on American Toads (Anaxyrus americanus)"

University of Miami ERC tour
Miami University ERC Wind Turbine

The meeting concluded with an engaging interactive presentation by Andrew Jorgensen of the University of Toledo ("Global Climate Change: What Is It? How Will It Affect Us? Can We Reduce The Impact By Our Actions?")

The Ohio Valley Chapter is currently accepting nominations for members of the Board of Directors, including president-elect, board member (two positions) and student representative (two positions). The chapter is also looking for a host for next year’s annual meeting!

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