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What’s in Store for 2012
Tim Canfield, SETAC World Council President
19 January 2012
Volume 13 Issue 1
Tim Canfield, SETAC World Council President Happy New Year to all! With every new year there is always a sense of renewal, a resetting of all the expectations, and a sense of anticipation for things to come. It is with this sense of excitement that I am particularly pleased that SETAC is launching its World Congress year with such a strong program of activities. And for me personally, it is a great honor to have the opportunity to serve as the Society's president this year. I look forward to working with the leadership and members around the world and hope that you will join me as we strive to make this SETAC's most successful year ever.
SETAC Europe award recipients Message from SETAC North America President
Barnett Rattner, SETAC North America President
The close of 2011 marks the completion of a year of stellar accomplishments for SETAC North America (SNA). Despite the global economic downturn, the ranks of SETAC members in North America increased to nearly 3,300. SNA hosted a well-attended annual meeting in Boston and two successful focused-topic meetings.

ET&C Nanomaterials ET&C Spotlight: Special Issue on Nanomaterials in the Environment
Compiled by Globe editors
SETAC members have been at the forefront of nanomaterials environmental health and safety (Nano EHS) research since the early days of commercial nanotechnologies.¬†With only 54 nanotechnology-based consumer products in the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies inventory in 2005 and a projection of over 2,000 products by next year, those early days weren’t all that long ago. SETAC and its members are playing an important part in moving Nano EHS research and policy forward. This is readily apparent from the impressive body of work in the new ET&C Special Issue on Nanomaterials in the Environment.

Chemistry AG Word Cloud Chemistry Advisory Group's Perspective on the SETAC North America Boston Meeting
Elin Ulrich, Sascha Usenko and Charles Wong
As the last few days of the International Year of Chemistry (IYC) drew to a close, we reflected back on the chemistry presented at the SETAC North America annual meeting in Boston. The environmental or analytical chemistry track was very busy this year contributing 28 oral and 31 poster sessions to the annual meeting. Chemistry research and discussion was also integrated into diverse cross-over sessions due to the prevalence of multi- and trans-disciplinary approaches.

Recent Global Science Committee Brainstorming at the SETAC North America Boston Meeting
Barnett Rattner, SETAC North America President
Continuing a discussion that has been gaining energy over the past two years within the Society, over 20 Science Committee members, Advisory Group chairs, World Council members and staff gathered during the Boston meeting to address the benefits of synergies across scientific disciplines and advisory groups within SETAC.

SETAC Summer School Join or Propose SETAC Europe Summer Schools
Valerie Verstappen, SETAC Europe Communications Coordinator
SETAC Europe Summer Schools may be proposed by SETAC members. The programme aims to offer scientists and students training from knowledgeable experts in various disciplines, and provide recognition to the people who organize and teach Summer Schools. The deadline for proposing a 2012 Summer School is 31 January.

Rebecca DickhutIn Memoriam: Dr. Rebecca Dickhut
Charles Wong and Deborah Swackhamer
On 4 November 2011, we lost Rebecca Dickhut, a respected and well-loved mentor for students and colleagues who worked tirelessly to share her experience with them. Her work covered topics ranging from the fate and transport of persistent organic pollutants in Antarctica, to population dynamics of Atlantic bluefin tuna using contaminant profiles as tracers, to the behavior of PAHs and PCBs in Chesapeake Bay.

Ross John Norstrom In Memoriam: Dr. Ross J. Norstrom
Rob Lechter, Pierre Mineau, Birgit Braune and Keith Marshall

The scientific, research and student supervision career of Dr. Ross John Norstrom spanned over 40 years, during which time he made significant contributions and had a major impact across interdisciplinary areas of environmental sciences in Canada and internationally. He will be deeply missed by his friends and peers but has left a rich scientific legacy that Canada as well as the international environmental science community can be proud of.

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What's in Store for 2012
Message from SETAC North America President
ET&C Spotlight
CAG's Perspective on the SETAC North America Boston Meeting
Recent Global Science Committee Brainstorming at the SETAC North America Boston Meeting
Join or Propose SETAC Europe Summer Schools
In Memoriam: Dr. Rebecca Dickhut
In Memoriam: Dr. Ross J. Norstrom
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