SETAC Globe - Environmental Quality Through Science
  16 February 2012
Volume 13 Issue 2

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Message from the SETAC Europe President

Peter Campbell

Last year was a most exciting and productive period for SETAC Europe. The highlight was our 21sth annual meeting in Milan focussed on “Ecosystem Protection in a Sustainable World: a Challenge for Science and Regulation”. This meeting had a most interesting scientific and social programme and the second highest number of participants so far at a SETAC Europe annual meeting (more than 2100)! In 2011 we also held the 17th SETAC Europe LCA Case Studies Symposium in Budapest; two SETAC Europe Special Science Symposia, on Biocides and on Mixture Toxicity, both in Brussels; the SETAC Young Environmental Scientist meeting in Aachen; and the SETAC Africa meeting in Cameroon. All of these meeting were of excellent scientific quality, well attended, and well received. My thanks to all SETAC members who were involved in helping make these meetings such a success.

This year the SETAC Europe Council and committees focussed the on the following strategic activities: ways of increasing our SETAC Europe partners, particularly from government and academia; developing further our Summer School Programme offering; increasing SETAC outreach into the Russian and former Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, and a proposal for an accreditation scheme in environmental risk assessment to help students and young scientists make progress in their careers and find new professional opportunities.

It is with great sadness that we remember Michael Kishimba who passed away on 18 October this year. Michael was president of SETAC Africa between 2008 and 2011, and he was instrumental in setting up the SETAC Africa branch and steering it towards independent geographic unit status. He will be sadly missed.

Looking forward to 2012, we are well on track to hosting the 6th SETAC World Congress “Securing a Sustainable Future—Integrating Science, Policy and People” in Berlin (20-24 May) and two more SETAC Special Scientific Symposia are planned on: “Ecosystem Services: From Policy to Practise” (15-16 February) and “Endocrine Disruptor Testing and Evaluation—Current and Future Developments” (24-25 October), both in Brussels. Of course in addition, there will be the usual individual European country-focussed SETAC activities and meetings also planned for 2012.

To conclude, 2011 was yet another successful year for SETAC and 2012 is already shaping up to build on this success. I would like to thank you all for your continued support and invite you to look for opportunities to increase, even more, your activity in our Society. Your contribution is fundamental for the significant role that SETAC Europe is having in the world of environmental toxicology and chemistry.

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