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Global Executive Director's Corner
Mike Mozur
16 February 2012
Volume 13 Issue 2
Mike Mozur, SETAC Global Executive Director Each new year brings considerable promise and 2012 certainly does for me, as I start my sixth year with SETAC as Global Executive Director. This is a special year indeed, with the upcoming 6th SETAC World Congress in May in Berlin, a major SETAC event…
SETAC Europe President Message from SETAC Europe President
Peter Campbell
Last year was a most exciting and productive period for SETAC Europe. The highlight was our 21st annual meeting in Milan focused on "Ecosystem Protection in a Sustainable World: a Challenge for Science and Regulation". This meeting had a most interesting scientific and social programme and the second highest number of participants so far at a SETAC Europe annual meeting (more than 2100)!

IEAM Vol 8 Issue 1 IEAM Spotlight: Special Series on Lab-Field Bioaccumulation Workshop
Lawrence Burkhard
To start the New Year, SETAC has published a special series of papers resulting from a workshop on comparing and contrasting laboratory and field bioaccumulation data in our journal, Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management. The incentive for this workshop came from the growing use of field bioaccumulation data in bioaccumulation assessments of existing chemicals across the globe, and the resulting need to better understand the level of agreement as well as causes of disagreement between laboratory and field bioaccumulation measurements.

Chemistry AG Word Cloud 21st Century Environmental Risk Assessment
John Toll and Mark Johnson
The conceptual framework for environmental risk assessment (ERA) hasn’t changed much in a long time…at least since 1998. The turn of the century brought a flurry of activity with regard to the development of promising new analytical tools, but a decade later, relatively few risk assessments have incorporated the use of these tools. Is the conceptual framework itself part of the problem?

SETAC Europe Nano Training School Success
Richard Handy
IEAM Vol 8 Issue 1 Environmental research activity on nanomaterials is growing rapidly, and with every new field of science comes the need to train new scientists. To this end, SETAC Europe held the first Nano Winter Training School on the "Synthesis, Characterisation, Ecotoxicity, Hazard and Risk Assessment of Engineered Nanoparticles" at the University of Plymouth 4-6 January 2012.

SETAC Summer School SETAC CEE Prepares for Ecotoxicology Revisited
in Krakow

Globe Editors
On September 17 through 19, 2012, SETAC Central & East Europe Branch will hold its 3rd annual meeting at the Institute of Environmental Sciences at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. The theme of the conference will be Ecotoxicology Revisited, and the goal will be to explore fresh perspectives on problems, both old and new, in ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry faced by those in Central and Eastern Europe.

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