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  16 August 2012
Volume 13 Issue 8

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8th SETAC Asia/Pacific Annual Meeting Coming Up in Kumamoto, Japan

Koji Arizono, SETAC Asia/Pacific Meeting Chair

Please join us at the 8th SETAC Asia/Pacific Annual Meeting (SAP 2012), themed Learning from History and Advancing Science to Build a Safer and Sustainable Environment, from 24–27 September in Kumamoto, Japan. Scientists from more than 30 countries will present 400+ studies. Focusing on sustainability, the meeting will cover an array of topics including air pollution and marine and coastal pollution; water, soils and remediation; POPs, emerging contaminants and human health; environmental and analytical chemistry; ecotoxicity; and risk assessment and regulations.

One unique event during this meeting is the National Institute for Minamata Disease Forum from 27–28 September in Minamata City, Kumamoto. This city is well known for the devastating mercury poisoning, Minamata disease, which occurred in the process of industrialization. Today the city is known as a model for sustainable development as the federal and local government committed to restore and conserve nature in the city after experiencing the disease. With the collaboration of the National Institute for Minamata Disease, this two-day workshop will offer you a great opportunity to learn about the history and recent studies on mercury toxicology as well as the restoration and renovation of a city. For a detailed program of this forum, please visit the National Institute for Minamata Disease Forum Website.

Both Minamata City and Kumamoto City are beautiful places to visit. As the capital city of Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto offers historical and cultural sceneries to visitors. A Japanese-style garden called Suizenji Park and the nearly 400-year old Kumamoto Castle are beautiful representations of the history and culture of the area. These sites are within easy reach of the conference venue by bus. Unfortunately, we may have to cancel the conference dinner at Kumamoto Castle due to unexpected heavy rains in Kumamoto Prefecture this summer. However, in that case, we will have a castle tour during the meeting. We hope that you will enjoy the historical and cultural sites that Kumamoto City has to offer.

Kumamoto City is also famous as a “City of Forests” because it is blessed with an abundance of nature. Located in the centre of Kyushu Island, it offers convenient access to the countryside and scenic landscapes. During the meeting, there will be optional excursions available for you to explore the landscape of the area. Please go out and enjoy the beautiful scenery with fresh air, clean water, and delicious food that its plentiful nature provides.

We hope that more people will join us to learn the latest developments in scientific principles and practices on fascinating topics as well as to discuss and exchange the latest information on their interests. This meeting also offers an opportunity for scientists to widen their networks by interacting with those who have distinguished themselves in their field of expertise and with those who will be the leaders in the near future.

For a detailed program and related information, please visit the SETAC Asia/Pacific 2012 Meeting website. Register by 24 August and take advantage of the discounted registration fee. We are very much looking forward to seeing you in Kumamoto this September.

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