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  12 April 2012
Volume 13 Issue 4

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SETAC North America Technical Committee Becomes the SETAC North America Science Committee

Cam Irvine, SNA-SC Chair and Markus Hecker, University of Saskatchewan

The SETAC North America (SNA) Technical Committee was (re)introduced to you last year while we transitioned into our role of providing guidance, direction and assistance to SETAC's North American members. Since then we have steadily grown into this role and worked closely with other SETAC committees and advisory groups (AGs) regarding technical and scientific issues pertinent to SNA. As part of our growing pains we felt that a name change would further improve our identity to SETAC members and clearly reflect our charge to support the technical excellence of SNA and bring emerging science and technical issues to the members of SETAC. We are now pleased to introduce to you the SETAC North America Science Committee (SNA-SC).

At the SNA annual meeting in Boston we discussed how this name change would better align us with other groups within SETAC and improve how we are perceived by the SETAC membership as a committee with a broad perspective on SETAC science as a whole. We also felt it important for our name to reflect our broad responsibilities and the goal to bring information to the forefront of discussions by the SNA membership. SNA-SC reflects our functions:

  • Facilitating communication among AGs through SNA-SC liaisons
  • Reaching out to SNA members in Globe articles
  • Reviewing proposed symposia and workshops
  • Supporting the drive for technical excellence at SNA conferences
  • Supporting SNA peer reviews
  • Coordinating scientific activities across SETAC's geographic units through existing liaisons

Finally, we are bringing our name in alignment with the Global and European Science Committees that represent other geographic units of SETAC. We have the same focus as our counterparts but within SNA.

We hope that this rebranding will allow for increased recognition of our longstanding function within the SETAC community and we are looking forward to continuing working with and for you and SETAC as the SNA-SC. These are exciting times for our committee, and we would be happy to have you as a part of the SNA-SC, making a difference for SETAC. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or if you are interested in serving on the SNA-SC. Also keep an eye out for future Globe articles from us on the leading edge of SETAC science.

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