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  12 April 2012
Volume 13 Issue 4

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Global Soils Advisory Group Sponsors Sessions at SETAC North America 33rd Annual Meeting

Michael Simini

The Global Soils Advisory Group (GSAG) is sponsoring two sessions at the SETAC North America annual meeting in Long Beach, USA: Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment of Soils and Ecotoxicity, Fate, and Risk Assessment of Materials of Importance to the Military. We invite all those interested to submit abstracts to either of these sessions. Visit the SETAC 33rd Annual Meeting website for descriptions of these sessions and to submit abstracts. Abstracts may be submitted for either platform or poster presentations. Also, for those attending the 6th SETAC World Congress in Berlin, GSAG is sponsoring sessions and will convene the GSAG Europe annual meeting. Check the program for times and locations of soil sessions and the GSAG meeting.

The SETAC GSAG is a forum for communication, cooperation, scientific discussion and collaboration among soil scientists, risk assessors and environmental regulators from across academia, business and government. GSAG provides scientific guidance in all aspects of soil testing at the laboratory and field level, soil-related risk assessment methodologies and soil ecotoxicology related to soils negatively impacted by either chemical or non-chemical stressors. The GSAG is open to any interested scientist or student. SETAC membership is not required but is preferable to ensure full access to SETAC websites and to preferential rates for meeting attendance. SETAC members can become an advisory group member by selecting GSAG in their personal profile on the SETAC website. Non-SETAC members should send an email to the co-chairs of GSAG to express their interest in joining this exciting advisory group. GSAG North Americawill also convene its annual meeting. Please visit the GSAG link at the SETAC Advisory Group home page, GSAG Communities page or contact GSAG co-chairs Michael Simini or Monica Amorim for more information.

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